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Fan Fiction Section

Unfortunately some fanfic writters who displayed their works on this page decided to move their work to a different location. I'm sorry for any inconviniences this could cause. Hopefully we will have some new and fresh fanfics to replace those which were removed.

Chiana Fan Fiction

Secrets - fanfic by Ligrim :: Part I :: Part II

Chamber 13 - fanfic by Ligrim :: Part I :: Part II

The Tancerd Wars - fanfic by Gyps :: Part I

In Battles... - fanfic by Imortalian :: Part I :: Part II

Great Deads - by Bluejay96 :: Part I

Untitled - by Bluejay96 :: Part I :: Part II

Sacrifices - by Shalemni :: Part I

Chiana Poetry:

ChianaBlue's Poem - inspired by TtS :: ChianaBlue's Poem

Another poem - from CB :: Another poem

A short humoristic poem - by Gypsy :: Limeric by Gypsy

First Chiana Poem - ChianaBlue :: First Chiana Poem

Untitled - by Oochi :: Oochi's Poem

Nerri - by Oochi :: Nerri

Although you're not with me - by Oochi :: Although you're not..

Freedom - by Shalemni :: Freedom

Chiana Rocks - by Chiana Grey :: Chiana Rocks

Faerie Hearts - by Chiana Grey :: Fareie Hearts

Other Fanfic:

this is a new fanfic section in which you will find fanfics which are not Chiana centric! Great thanks for Futuregirl for her help and supplying me with all of those storries :)

Futurescape - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Futurescape

Flashback - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Flashback

Friends - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Friends

The Engagement - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Engagement

The Wedding - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Wedding

Out of the Past - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: Out of the Past

What Eyes Do Not See - by Futuregirl / Stowaway :: What Eyes Do Not See