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Faerie Hearts

A flash and then a cut of the eyes
Mystic wonder
What elf befriend the night?
What sprite could withhold such smile
Apon the lythly sight!
Behold, what wonder, I say
So true
That too I agree so ye pixies
Come hither
Come yon!
Oh hush now giggles
Ye may as yet wake their sleeping!
It's Chiana, sleeping so fare?
Wake them I say!
What elf can contain themselves!
To life! Fest and merriment!
There apon the mystic night
Where dwell we so and dancing toes!
Make haste!
Look see, now she's waking
Tilting head, cutting eyes
Faerie smile.
Oh but one kiss says the Gump!
Dare you not you silly boy! Cries so
Me first says Puck!
And what with all these giggles?
What with all this merriment at our feet?
Have you no care in the world?
Chiana tip toes through the forest.
Look at that now, such a sneaky forest child!
Who can have her kiss?
They laugh, they run and dance!
I've got misteltoe says RomTom!
Dare you not! Luna so poutly!
So true, I say this Nay! Nay to you!
So cried little TinkerBell.
A kiss? Chiana asks and smiles.
Her gaze covers the forest around.
Can you be a forest child and not know the Gump?
A kiss, Of Course! So mused the Gump.
Never before a lost boy!
Cried Peter Pan.
Chiana laughs
Her fingers filled with thimbles.
Her hair combed in mistletoes
And her cloaths washed in laces.
And all the pixies pout!