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Title: A Wedding, Some Peacekeepers, and An Old Foe
Author: Stowaway
Summary: Sequel to The Engagement It is recommended that you read that first.
Disclaimer: I have no intention of doing anything illegal with this story. It was written strictly for fun.
"What exactly does this best man do?" D'argo looked across the table on Moya's command at John Crichton.
"Well he stands up for me, holds the ring, gives it to me, when the priest or in this case Zhaan, asks for it." He smiled sideways.
"I will do it then." D'argo announced.
"Good, because my only other choice was sparky, he would have took the ring." John joked.
"I agree." The luxan smiled.
"Zhaan, I don't know how I'm going to do this." Aeryn said as she looked at the list Jon had given her of what an earth bride would do.
"I'm sure John feels the same way with his list on sebacean grooms." Zhaan smiled.
"I'm required to wear a white dress." She shook her head.
"Sebacean wear dresses, when they are joined." Zhaan offered.
"But not white, red." Aeryn said eyebrows raised.
"Tell me again why you and John decided to switch roles." Zhaan questioned.
"To show each other how much we accept our differences." Aeryn said repeating the words John had said, when she asked if they would be able to spend their lives together, with such different backgrounds.
"Then you should wear white." Zhaan smiled.
"Fine, now all I have to do is find one." Aeryn said letting a breath she had been holding escape.
"I'm suppose to dress in complete black, I'm going to look like the priest." John said looking at his list.
"Who's idea was this Crichton." D'argo said reminding him.
"I remember pal, I was just letting prewedding jitters get me." He smiled.
"Prewedding jitters, is that some earth ritual?" D'argo asked.
"No, it's when you're nervous, you know about getting married." John explained.
"Why would someone be nervous about getting married, you love Aeryn do you not." D'argo said as he looked at the human who had confused him more times then he cared to remember.
"Of course I love her, I guess us humans are just emotional saps at weddings, hell some have been known to cry at a wedding." John said shaking his head, it was hard sometimes not to think of D'argo as just one of the guys, over the years he had become John's best friend.
"Cry, at a occasion for joy, you are strange." D'argo said.
"Crichton." He heard the voice of a little hynerian behind him and turned to see Rygel. "What is this about D'argo being you're best man, I am royalty a much better choice." For which he received a whack to the back of the head from D'argo.
"Spanky, spanky, I've got a more important job for you." He said with a wink in D'argo's direction. "I need you to be the flower girl.. um boy."
"What does he do?" Rygel asked intrigued.
"He has to lead the way down the wedding aisle and he has to lay flowers all along the way." John explained with a very phony deep look on his face.
"I go first?" He questioned.
"Of course."
"Very well, I will be the flower boy." He turned and hovered out of the room.
"Wait till I tell him he has to wear a dress." John joked to D'argo.
"What is it exactly this matron of honor does?" Chianna asked Aeryn.
"Here's the list that John gave me," Aeryn said handing it to her.
Chianna looked it over and then back at Aeryn. "Why exactly do you want me to be the matron of honor."
Aeryn thought to herself, well actually it John's idea, but that didn't seem right. So she said instead and meant a little. "Because I would like you to be."
Chianna didn't look at her right away, but finally looked up. "I would like to be." She said finally, a sudden feeling of friendship over came her.
It overcame Aeryn as well, although she and Chianna had been aboard Moya together for a while, they had been far from being friends in any sisterly way. "Thank you." Aeryn said.
"Commander Crichton, we are with an arn of that sebacean colony." Pilot spoke his visual image flickering on Moya's command.
"Great, we may be able to find the supplies we need for the wedding." John said and looked over at D'argo with a grin. "A few short arns and I'll be a married man."
"There is a sebecean colony nearby." The peacekeeper Hale said to Crasis.
"Good perhaps we will find our dearly missed friends." Crasis smiled.
Aeryn looked at the dresses the sebecean merchant had to offer and there just wasn't anything that, she felt would be for her, she looked over at Zhaan in hopes that perhaps she would have an idea. "This just isn't going to work." She said. "I must be frelling crazy." If anyone had told her the day she meet John Crichton that she would marry him, she would have shot them with her pulse rifle, no questions asked.
But she was different now and so was he, everyone aboard Moya had changed over the years. They excepted certain things with great ease. Having been on the run, for what seemed like forever, had a tendency to do that. She herself had discovered a life outside of the peacekeepers, one she had been taught did not exist, the thought of her mother crossed her mind and she wondered if her mother had felt the same way about her father, the way she felt about Crichton.
"Aeryn I'm sure we will find something." Zhaan broke through her thoughts.
"I hope so, it will look foolish if I don't show up." Aeryn joked, something she had learned to do, because of Crichton. He had influenced her a great deal and she learned that she did the same for him.
"You think Aeryn will like this?" John asked D'argo as he looked at the black suit, still convinced he would look like a priest.
"As long as she is satisfied after the wedding you should have no problems." D'argo offered directly and simply.
Crichton smiled. "I doubt there will be any complaints there." At least there hadn't been so far.
"Then this is the outfit you have chosen." D'argo stated.
"Well, it meets the color criteria." John looked it over and smiled, sought of.
"They are here?" Crasis asked Hale, who stood before him on a small vessel, just above the sebecean colony.
"Yes, well informed spies, say they have been making a lot of purchases." Hale responded.
"Good, perhaps we should make ourselves known." Crasis smiled.
"What are you're orders?" Hale asked carefully.
"Bring me officer Aeryn Sun." He said simply and did not let go of his smile.
"I've found it." Aeryn said as she looked at Zhaan, who had become tired of waiting for Aeryn to decide on a dress and made use of her time gathering supplies, they had needed outside of the wedding.
"May I see." Zhaan looked curiously at the package Aeryn held.
"Zhaan I would prefer it to be a surprise." Aeryn said hopping that she would understand.
"Of course." Zhaan smiled. "It is a bride's right to do as she pleases."
"No it's not, you are being kind." Aeryn smiled, in the years they had spent on Moya, Zhaan had become a friend.
"True, I am intrigued to see the dress, you have chosen." Zhaan agreed smiling.
"They are always late." D'argo growled as he and John stood by the transport pod, waiting for Zhaan and Aeryn.
"Chicks, you gotta love em." John grinned.
"Yes." D'argo agreed his mind on a certain blue chick.
"I see that look, big guy." John said pointing an accusing finger at D'argo with a grin.
"You see nothing Crichton." D'argo growled defensively.
"You know pal, it's not that hard to say how you feel." John shrugged his shoulders.
"If I remember correctly, the first time you told Aeryn you loved her, she gave you a black eye." D'argo raised eyebrows John's way.
"It wasn't a good time." John said looking the other way.
"It's never a good time, when there's another woman in your arms." D'argo informed.
"Hey, like I told Aeryn, she just jumped into them, like it's my fault some alien girl goes crazy." He said defensively.
"Hmm." Was all D'argo said.
"It's the truth, I swear."
Aeryn's eyes made contact with beaded clip the moment she passed the merchant's stand. "Zhaan, you go a head, there's something else I need." She smiled.
"They'll be waiting for us." Zhaan said as she turned to look at Aeryn.
"I'll be right there. There's just something I have to get." Aeryn said.
"Of course, but hurry, Rygel might decide to hijack Moya." Zhaan smiled.
Aeryn smiled as Zhaan left and then returned her stare to the clip. The beads where glowing white and braided, it would be the perfect clip to wear, as a veil, at least that was what John's list had called it. With out a second thought she purchased the clip.
She was walking admiring the clip, when she felt the pulse rifle jammed into her back, she made a quick move to get out of it, but a voice whispered in her ear, "Officer Sun, there are a lot of innocent people around, and I believe you're feelings for them have changed since you're peacekeeping days."
"Move." The voice said and Aeryn did as she was told, he was right, these people now mattered to her.
"Zhaan, where's Aeryn." John asked as he saw her walking towards them.
"She had once last thing to get." Zhaan replied with a mischievous smiled.
"Hess, we never getting out of here." D'argo moaned.
"She was ok, right." John asked.
"Yes John, why?" Zhaan replied looking at him intently.
"I don't know I just got a feeling that something was wrong." He shrugged it off.
"More of those prewedding jitters." D'argo theorized.
Aeryn saw him walk into the room in 0the old sebecean building and there was nothing she could do, by this time her hands were bound as well as her feet. "Crasis." She said simply and unafraid.
"Officer Sun, or should I call you Officer Crichton." He smiled more devious then usual.
"What do you want, I'm getting married, I have no time for you insanity." Aeryn returned not allowing Crasis the privilege of scaring her.
"Really I doubt it, you see my plan is to take from Crichton as he took from me." He moved in closer to her. "Which will it be, a kill shot or the living death, I'm feeling kind today, it's you're choice."
"Ok, she's been gone to long." John said as they had been waiting for almost an arn now.
"John, she probably saw some things she needed, you're wedding list was long." Zhaan offered a hand at his shoulder.
John looked at Zhaan and if anyone would understand it would be her. "Zhaan, something's wrong." He looked over at D'argo. "You two better get up to Moya, just in case, I'm going to look for Aeryn."
"I'll go with you." D'argo offered.
"No, if there's a problem, the less people down here the better, you guys get out of here if something goes wrong." John said turning to head from where Zhaan came.
"We will wait John, as long as it's safe." Zhaan said to his retreating form. She prayed to the Goddess that there would be no problems, their family had been through enough in the last few cycles.
"So Officer Sun, which will it be?" Crasis asked still standing over her.
"Why not call me Aeryn, after all you're going to kill me." She said Crichton style.
"So I was right, you were contaminated." Crasis backed up. "I never guessed just how far."
"You are insane, you always have been and you always will be." She felt the back of his hand strike her face, but she did not turn away, instead she spate, hitting him directly in the face. "You'll never win against him, he'll always be better."
"Thank you dear." A voice said from behind Crasis and he turned to look at John Crichton. "If you're looking for you're peacekeeper buddy, he's taking a nap." He looked over at Aeryn holding her clip. "As good as bread crumbs."
Aeryn had no idea what he was taking about, bread crumbs? She was just happy he was here. "I told you." She said to Crasis.
"It's not that easy." Crasis said brandishing the kill shot from his pocket and stepping behind Aeryn.
"You son of bitch, Crasis, you hurt her, you're a dead man." John made a step forward, his gun in hand.
"Shoot him John." Aeryn shouted.
"Shut-up." He yanked her head back and she grunted at the pain.
John moved forward. "You don't want her Crasis. You want me, come on." He kept walking to towards him. "You going to kill a girl, what's a matter not enough guts to come after me." He chided him appealing he hoped to his baser male instincts. John through down the gun. "Come on tough guy, show me what you got."
"Crichton!!" Crasis launched himself in John's direction, a blaze of fury on his face and a kill shot in his hand.
"No!!" Aeryn screamed.
A pulse rifle blast came from what seemed like no where, catching Crasis in the back, he fell down to the floor inches from John. John looked up to see D'argo behind a pole centered in the room. "Glad you didn't listen."
"Crichton, I never listen to a human." D'argo smiled.
"Is he the best man or what." John said walking over to a relieved Aeryn.
Once she was untied, she slapped his arm. "Why didn't you just shoot him, you could have gotten yourself killed." She slapped his arm once again.
"I love you too." He kissed her quickly. "Lets get out of here, we got a wedding." He smiled at her.
"I told you, I would look like a priest." John said to D'argo, he was dressed in complete black from his boots, to the high black collar of his jacket. "All that's missing is the white thing."
"You look fine Crichton." D'argo said dressed much the same way, and annoyed by the collar, to the point of pulling it constantly, he had a flashback to the day he had married his wife, who was a sebecean as well. He hoped for a much better future for Crichton and Aeryn. They had become his family, even agreeing to help him search for his son.
"I guess we better get to the command." John said, he wondered if he was the first person to get married on the command of ship, especially one that was escaping from peacekeepers. After going through a wormhole and falling in love with a woman from another species, he'd believe anything and he had sudden feeling of no regrets, maybe that wormhole was just the beginning.
"What?" He turned to ask.
"The command is that way." D'argo said pointing in the opposite direction.
"Right." John said and did a quick about face.
"Prewedding jitters." D'argo mumbled and followed.
"Aeryn you look wonderful." Zhaan said, as she and Chianna came in her quarters.
She was dressed in a long floor length, form fitting white dress, the sleeves ending at her wrists. Her hair was straight and held up on one side by the beaded clip. "Do you think anyone will notice." She picked up the dress to reveal her black boots.
"As long as you don't do that." Chianna said.
Aeryn looked at them, Zhaan dressed in her beautiful blue dress and Chianna, well she was in a tight black dress, definitely Chianna. "Well, I guess were all ready." She smiled and was aware that she had been smiling all day, she was nervous and could not remember a time were she had been that. Another emotion that Crichton made her feel. She had no regrets anymore, there were no more thoughts about the day she had gone with him. Now she would go anywhere with him.
Zhaan, D'argo and John stood a few inches from the view window, with the stars to decorate the alter. Pilot's image flickered on to the visual screen to watch a smile, on his face, Aeryn had become very important to pilot, they had become connected. Taylon's communicator had been hooked to Moya's and his beeping was ever present.
Rygel came down first, hovering ever so regally and decorating the way with flowers, that Zhaan had put together. It took all of John's control not to laugh and D'argo wasn't that far off from laughing either.
Chianna came down next, all males dropped their jaws, as she walked gracefully with a sway down the aisle. "Boys." She smiled when she reached the alter, to take her place.
"Ok Pilot, tell Moya to hit it." John scrunched his face as Moya began to play a not so together rendition of the wedding march, which was more then likely his fault, humming to a ship, trying to teach it the song, was not one of his better days.
Aeryn started down the aisle, she turned her head towards the strange music coming from Moya and just chalked up to an earth ritual, a very strange one she thought. Her eyes made contact with John's and never let go, she carried a single flower and her heart to the alter.
John looked at her and he had never seen her more beautiful, even with the black boots peeking out from under her dress. If he had any doubts, they were gone forever, in this moment, he saw his life walking towards him.
When Aeryn reached the alter John took her hand. "I love the boots." He smiled and she blushed, he had never seen her do that and his heart skipped a beat.
"John you may begin." Zhaan said.
John smiled and pulled Aeryn's hand to his heart. "I John, wish to be joined with you Aeryn, in life, I wish to join with you in mind, spirit , body and all things to come."
D'argo handed Zhaan a golden goblet and she took it and said. "This is the elixir of the joining, as you drink, you shall be joined." She handed it to John first and he sipped never taking his eyes from Aeryn's. He then handed it to her and she took it and sipped.
"Aeryn." Zhaan said.
"I Aeryn take you John, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, for better or for worse, until death do us part." She smiled.
"Never." John said to the last.
"By the Goddess and you're two worlds, I join you." Zhaan looked at Aeryn and then turned to John. "And I pronounce you husband and wife, you may of course kiss you're bride."
"The best part." John smiled and their lips met for an eternity together. As they kissed clapping and cheering started around them, even Rygel was happy. Taylon added his beeps of joy to the ceremony.
A few arns later, Rygel complained from on board Taylon. "Why the yutz do we have to stay here."
"Rygel, you've been married." Zhaan said as she and the other's tried to make themselves comfortable for the night.
"I didn't require a whole ship." He huffed.
"If you don't shut-up, I will send you into space." D'argo growled.
"Just do it." Chianna added.
John looked down at his wife, they were entangled in the golden sheets of their bed. "What are you thinking about?" He smiled playing with her hair.
"We wouldn't be legally married on earth, would we?" She asked her hand running down his arm.
"So, we'll just do it again." He smiled.
"Yes, but the next time Rygel has to wear the dress." She grinned and pulled his head down to meet hers as they lips joined so did their lives and what ever followed.
His body laid still in the old sebecean building, it had been that way for arns. Until a hand slowly formed a fist, a fist that was sure to bring revenge.
The End.
Copyright2000: Moya's stowaway. JMC.