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by Shalemni

Walls of purest gold that enclose me,
here exists my newest freedom.

Releif of shackles that once opposed me,
release of pain that my throat encircled.

Know do I the possibility of friendship upon a
vessel so unlike any other.

Moya, sweet Moya, sanctuary of my freedom,
Place of hope, love and family that surrounds me
within your golden Leviathan walls.

Durka has fallen, Salis is a memory...
The pain recedes, the past forgotten for a time.

Nerri, my dearest brother whose life-connection to
me is severed. Cruelly lacerated, the sadness
overwhelms me.

To take the stone I did, to regain a sense of

Cold firm granite, merciless and ancient.

Yet a friendship and understanding regains my
worried and wandering agrieved mind, as once
more I ascend to Moya, relishing the freedom
so newly gained.

As life continues once more