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Futurescape series "Flashback"
To my dad, a fighter. I love you.

John Crichton walked along a tier on Moya, the leviathan ship that he had called home for years or cycles, as his wife Aeryn would say. Moya was a huge ship and played home to a few of the better known fugitives from the peacekeepers. The military that had been chasing John, from the moment he arrived, the same military that his wife Aeryn had come from.

John walked onto Moya's command, the place where he first stood and met some the aliens he would encountered, of course now he considered these aliens his friends.

  His life had completely changed the moment when his experiment literally backfired. He ended up being shot through a wormhole into another universe, vastly different from his world, earth.

Here is where his life changed forever in more ways them one, if you had asked him a long time ago would he consider a warrior Luxan his best friend, he would have asked what the hell are you talking about. Or would he consider a beautiful blue priestess a confidant, he would have laughed.

Not to mention pip an sparky, they deserved their own special category, John smiled to himself. Then there was Aeryn, if you had asked him who envisioned marrying someday, a woman from another universe an entirely different species,even though she could easily be mistaken for the most beautiful earth woman a guy could want at least in his opinion, he would have taken a beer an laughed in your face.

Aeryn Crichton walked onto the command an smiled ever so softly at her husband. She smiled at the thought, even after all this time, she found it strange to think of John as her husband or any male as her husband. She knew that it came from her early life as a peacekeeper, she never saw a husband, a child or friends, in her future. Not till the day she met John Crichton. The day their child was born, had erased any regrets that might had lingered from her past, the moment she felt the connection to Arianna, her world had changed.

"She is waiting." Aeryn said as she walked up to John.

"She's been holding out for arns." He laughed as Aeryn walked towards him.

"I still find birthday celebrations, very strange." She smiled.

"Our daughter doesn't, not the present part anyway." He joked as he took her arm leading them towards Moya's galley.

"Impatient, I believe that is one of her father's traits." Aeryn said half serious an half joking.

"Damn straight." John answered as they walked.

"Oh Zhaan it' so pretty." Arianna whistled between her lips as she looked at the blue gem hanging from a simple cord.

 "It a Delivian protection charm." Zhaan said bending down to place the charm around her neck.

"Thank you." Arianna smiled an threw her arms about Zhaan's neck.

"Your welcome." Zhaan laughed. "May the Goddess an this always keep watch over you." Zhaan said as she held the child.

"Ok, it is my turn." D'argo stepped forward. "Come here little one."

Arianna laughed an ran towards D'argo's lap, hopping on to it. "I'm here." She giggled.

D'argo pulled a small figure of gold from his pocket. "This is a Luxan Warrior, he belonged to my son.."

"D'argo.." John interrupted him.

"It is ok John." D'argo replied, knowing that their search for his son, would continue, as long as there was breath in all their bodies.

"I will hold it till he comes back and then I will return it to my new friend." Arianna smiled an hugged D'argo.

"Which side of the family, do you suppose she got that from?" Aeryn smiled softly at John.

"That's an original trait, what a kid we got." He grinned back.

An arn after the party for his daughter, John stood on Moya's command, looking out her large view screen. "All's quiet, huh pilot?" John said to the pilot of Moya, his image flickering into view.

"Unusual Commander Crichton." Pilot replied.

"Was that a joke pilot?" John smiled.

"Yes I believe it was." Pilot replied.

"You've been spending to much time with him pilot." Aeryn said referring to her husband, who she walked up to, then turned to pilot. "He has the same effect on me." She smiled to pilot, her closet of friends on Moya.

"You weren't complaining the other night." John whispered not the least bit shyly in her ear.

"Crichton!" Aeryn reacted embarrassed, something she was getting very used to with him.

"Hey, he didn't here me, right pilot?" John smiled.

"Actually, Commander I did." Pilot said directly.

"Oh." John replied.

"Oh." Aeryn repeated a frustrated eye raised.

"Oh knock it off Aeryn, we're married it's legal." John laughed.

"Crichton. It's legal when your not married, what is the point?" She returned.

"I think I will retire for the night." Pilot said as his imaged flickered off the screen, but he wasn't at all sure they noticed.

"The point is there's nothing to be embarrassed about." John replied softly.

"Crichton, I am not embarrassed, unless you tell everyone." Aeryn said with a smirk.

"I didn't tell everyone" He returned her smirk, "Pilot accidentally over heard me."

"I think we should keep this talk restricted to our quarters." Aeryn stated flatly.

"Really." He smiled as he moved closer to her.

"What are you doing?" Aeryn said as his lips found her neck.

"Testing your theory." He mumbled against her neck, as he trailed down and buried himself in her long hair.

Aeryn almost lost control of her legs and held on to his shoulders for support. "John, they could walk in here." She mumbled, but knew she had lost any sense of control the moment his lips had touched her, it was always that way. Since the the first kiss, they shared, her world had changed for ever.

"Aeryn" He pulled back for a moment. "When was the last time, anyone showed up before they were suppose, I say we've got the command to our selves for at least an arn an a half." He smiled, his lips finding hers this time.

Aeryn couldn't stop herself, she pulled him in closer. She removed the leather jacket her wore and started on the black tee. She pulled back for a moment. "Your right John." She pulled him to the floor of the command.

"Damn, I love it when you get aggressive." John laughed.

"What the hell was that?" John said as he grabbed the pants he had flung to the command floor almost an arn ago.

"We hit something." Aeryn said as she scrambled for her cloths as well.

"You think!" John replied with a slight grin.

"Crichton, I don't think I know." Aeryn said as she zipped up her black leather vest.

"That's...Oh never mind." John said, there were some things Aeryn and
he would never completely understand about each other and yet there was no one anyway that understood them better, then each other.

"Well I'm shocked." Chianna said as she walked onto the command, looking at Aeryn. Moving in closer, she said. "I didn't think you had in you." She winked referring to Aeryn's state of undress on the command.

"I didn't think anything shocked you." Aeryn smirked as Chianna walked away.

"What the hess was that." D'argo yelled as he and the rest entered the command now.

"By the Goddess." Zhaan said as she made her way to the view screen on the command. "Pilot, have Moya turn about." She said as she saw the asteroid field,  large and frightening ahead.

"Moya is turning, but she is trying to avoid the asteroid debris." Pilot replied his fingers touching the console before him with quick and effective expertise.

"That would explain that." John said looking wide eyed out of the view screen. "Grab on, we're going to hit." He shouted as he grabbed onto a rail on Moya's command.

Moya shook and Arianna fell thankfully sideways from her cot to the floor. "Darn it." She said a loud, she really wanted to say frell, but her mother had punished her the last time she said it. Sitting in a chair for an arn was not her idea of fun.

But her curiosity nature got the better of her and she was off to the command, to see what was going on. Her mother would say this is where she was like her father, always getting into things.

"Frell." Aeryn said out loud. "Pilot. Moya cannot take anymore of this." Concern for the ship and Pilot that were, almost as close as John and her daughter.
"What's going on?" Arianna said as she walked onto the command.

It was within but a split second that Aeryn saw her daughter walking onto the command and one of the food storage containers, heading right for her. "No." She screamed her heart pounding, in no way she had ever felt before. Her legs moving without her own thoughts. She grabbed and tucked Arianna beneath, just as the huge container collided with her, knocking her to the floor instantly.

"We're clear." Pilot's  voice echoed throughout Moya,

"Aeryn, Arianna." John's voice cracked as he ran towards his wife and daughter.

"Zhaan?" John questioned the Delivian as she walked out into Moya's corridor.

"She's is still unconscious, but Arianna will be fine." Zhaan said, she wasn't sure what to do in Aeryn's case, but she was grateful to at least deliver her friend some good news about his daughter.

"Thank God." He said grateful for his daughters safety. "I need to see Aery." John said attempting to walk past Than.

"John, she can't hear you." Than said not wanting to raise false hoes with in him.

"Yes she can." John said as he averted Than and walked towards the bunk Aeryn was laying on, the gold sheets encircling her.

"Aeryn." He whispered his head as close to her a possible. "You know you really got to stop scaring the crap out of me." He grinned softly, as he brushed his head against hers.

"We've got a kid now, so you have no choice but to open those eyes, sunshine." His eyes rested on the bandage around her head, a small blood stain made him wince at the sight. "She needs her mother and I can't do this without you, not now." He said laying his head against her and closing his eyes.

"What happens if she doesn't make it?" D'argo asked Zhaan as they all watched from one of Moya's corridors.

"She will." Chianna piped in. "Come on this Aeryn." She enthused.

"Chianna is right, but no matter what, we will be here for John and Arianna." Zhaan replied.

"John she is awake." Zhaan said as she reached John and Aeryn's quarters, where she found him and Arianna curled up in her father's arms asleep.

"Come on princess." John said picking up his daughter and following Zhaan.

John and Zhaan rounded the corner of the corridor, just in time to see D'argo and Chianna taking cover from laser blasts.

"She got my gum." D'argo shouted.

"What the hell is going on?" John shouted as he handed Arianna safely off to Zhaan.

"She thinks she's a frelling peacekeeper again." Chianna replied. "She tried to kill us."

"No freaking way." John said making his way past D'argo. Who grabbed his arm.

"John, Chianna is serious." He said with soft fierceness.

"Yea." Chianna added

John's mind raced for a moment but was forced to stop when he heard Aeryn's voice.

"Who ever you are, you are prisoners and you will be recaptured. I suggest you give up now." Her voiced filled every corridor of Moya it seemed.

"Zhaan, what's wrong with my mommy?" Arianna asked, as she rested her head against Zhaan's shoulder.

"I don't know." Zhaan replied in all honesty.

"Pilot, get the DRD's to inject her with a sedative." John said softly into his communicator.

"I have already taken those measures, Commander Crichton." Pilot said concern for Aeryn in his voice.

"Thanks Pilot." John replied leaning his head against the corridor wall. "This is not her." He said to D'argo and Chianna.

"No it's a really good imitation." Chianna snapped.

"We know John." D'argo replied sending a glare Chianna's way.

"Yea, we know." Chianna said feeling bad at her remark. "I mean, hey we're all entitled to lose it, once in a while." She smiled apologetically. But was still worried.

Within a few microts, they could hear Aeryn dropped to the ground.

"Let's go." John said as D'argo followed him.

Zhaan ran towards Chianna handing her Arianna.

"I'm sorry Chi." Arianna said.

"Hey, squirt you have nothing to be sorry for." Chianna said giving her a hug.


"Zhaan, any guesses, would be a good guess?" John questioned as he looked at the beautiful blue Delivian.

"John, I have no idea why Aeryn has returned to her former self." Zhaan said wishing she had more to offer her friend.

"Yea well Amnesia is a my theory, but the why...." John trailed off, not knowing where to go or what do.

"Amnesia?" Zhaan questioned, an eye raised in curiosity.

"Zhaan it's obvious she had forgotten or erased the things that have happened since she came on board Moya." John supplied.

"Because of the head injury?" Zhaan offered.

"That's the easy answer." John said, his mind fearing something more.

"What are you thinking John?" Zhaan asked.

"That Aeryn wanted to forget." He said, a hint of something in his voice that Zhaan decided was either fear or fight, she couldn't decide and was puzzled by the latter.

John however wasn't, there was no way he would allow Aeryn to run away from their lives, not now, not ever.

He approached his now sedated wife, her long raven hair spilled around her pillow, John thought of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, and wished it was that simple, that a kiss could erase what ever was plaguing her.

But Aeryn was more complicated then anyone could imagine, he and maybe pilot were the few who understood her, occasionally. The rest of the time, in honesty he was just winging it. Although loving Aeryn was worth the trip, and between that and their many adventures, it was one hell of ride, he would never trade. Besides the best bargain in the whole deal, was a mini version of Aeryn who stood a few feet outside of the room, their daughter.

He brushed his hand softly against her forehead. "What's going on Aeryn?" He asked himself more then he was asking her.

"We're not putting her in a cell Chi." John shouted, with an incredulous look on face.

"Oh, let's just waiting around till she kills us." Chianna snapped.

"I agree with the her." Rygel put in his hynerian opinion.

"Don't help me." Chianna said looking over at him.

"Not going to happen." John said determined.

"John, perhaps it is the safest thing to do." Zhaan replied. She was concerned not only for them, but Aeryn as well. Cycles of togetherness had made them a family, and she knew Aeryn would never forgive herself, if she did something to one of them. They would also never forgive themselves if they were forced to defend themselves.

"Zhaan is right, what if she goes off again, think of Arianna." D'argo supplied. He was concerned for all of them, but the small one was his only link to the past, to his son.

"Daddy!" Arianna came flying onto the command, her feet going faster then the rest of her, but D'argo caught her up in his arms in mid stride.

"What's the matter, little one?" D'argo asked.

"Mommy took her prowler, she's gone." She replied fright and confusion in her voice.

"Dammit, she hot wired the door to the bay and the prowler." John replied looking at the open panel on the bay doors. "Zhaan how's pilot?" He asked as Zhaan returned from pilot's chamber.

"She merely knocked him out, she convinced him that she was fine, allowing her to get close enough to him." Zhaan explained.

"Well, she hasn't forgot everything." John realized, she managed to coax pilot into believing her and she hot wired the door with quick efficiency, the kind that came from being on the run.

"Pilot is tracking her prowler now." Zhaan offered.

"As soon as he's got the coordinates. Let me know." John said heading for a transport pod, D'argo started to follow. "Thanks big guy, but this one is mine."

"Freaking terrific." John said making his exit onto the deserted planet from the transport pod, that Moya had traced Aeryn's prowler to. There was nothing around, his eyes shifted looking for a trace of the slick black prowler. "Oh, Aeryn come out , come out where ever you are." He shouted, he wasn't expecting an answer but he got one, in the form of laser blasts peeling past his side, he took a running leap for cover behind the transport pod.

"Your a fool." She shouted from behind a near by tree. "You will be recaptured."

"More likely I'll be shot." John said to himself as he looked at the laser burns on the transport pod. "Aeryn your not a peacekeeper, not anymore." He yelled.

"You are a liar, I am, it is my breeding, it is who I am." She said and suddenly realized this felt to familiar, she had done this before. Her head ached yet again, she rubbed her temples in frustration. What was wrong with her. She was a peacekeeper, it was her duty to bring these people before high command, but there was this voice, a small one yelling, no.

"Major flashback." John whispered. But he went with it. "You are more." Well it was something like that, hell it was 10 cycles ago.

Aeryn's head throbbed even harder, she dropped her weapon to the ground. She crumpled to her knees.

John heard the gun hit the hard pavement of the planet, he looked and saw her. Without a second thought he ran towards her. "Aeryn!!"

"John." She grabbed onto his shoulder for support, before she fell completely into his lap.

"Aeryn, what's going on?" Concern beyond anything he had ever felt before, rushed through him.

"They took her." Aeryn replied, staring off to somewhere else.

"Who took who?" He said brushing the hair from her face.

"The peacekeepers, they took me away." She said burying her head into his chest.

"Tell me." John whispered.

"I remembered, when I pushed Arianna out of the way the feeling, the lose." Aeryn said pulling away slightly to look at him. "I remember them pulling me away from her, my mother, I was no older then Arianna." She said numbly.

"Aeryn." John said wishing in so many ways he could erase her past for her, he didn't give a damn about it, other then the fact that it hurt her.

"I screamed and cried, but she did nothing." Aeryn said quietly.

"Aeryn you know she had no choice." John offered.

"I would never let them take Arianna, I would die first." She pulled back angry.

"Your not a peacekeeper anymore, she was." John replied. "You are Arianna's mother, and the best damn one."

"Yes a former peacekeeper, who's mother through her to the enemy." Aeryn replied sarcastically.

"Like hell." John grabbed her arm. "That little girl worships the ground you walk on and there is no way, I will let that change."

"Why? Why do the two of you..." She was cut off.

"Because we know who you really are, just like you do and once you get past all this peacekeeper crap, you'll see it to." John grinned softly.

"I thought it was behind me." She offered looking for an answer, where she wasn't sure there was one.

"Aeryn, sometimes the past just comes up and bites you in the ass." He offered.

"I was not bitten in the ass." She looked confused.

"A figure of speech."

"Why don't you just make me a list to memorize." She sighed.

"So does this mean your not going to shoot at us anymore?" He smiled.

"I didn't..." She trailed off.

"What do you think?" His hands encircled her waist and his fingers lifted her chin.

"I think everyone is fine." She said with complete confidence, he was right. "I'm not her." She said.

"No your just my life." His lips took hers and there were many arns that passed before they returned to Moya.

John and Aeryn looked up at the stars from the deck, Arianna nestled in her mother's arms.

"How did I get this lucky?" John asked smiling.

"I said I was the lucky one." Aeryn said looking at the two of them.

"You know something." John said brushing his sleeping daughters hair with his hand. "We both got lucky, thank God for  a wormhole." His lips brushed his Aeryn's. The future was theirs and they were going to do what ever it took to make sure it was there for their daughter, the best part of both of them.

Disclaimer: This was done for fun, I don't own these characters, and nothing illegal is intended.

Copyright2000: Stowaway wrote it, I own my imagination nothing else.JMC