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part 2

Disclamer: I dont own Farscape in any way shape or form :( but im not making any money off this fic so not sueing me would be greatly appreciated  


She paced in the cell, desperate for a way out. She hadnít seen anyone in three days. When they brought her here they said they would deal with her in the morning but they hadnít. Once a day a tray of food would appear through a slot cut from the bottom of the thick stone door. Chiana would rush to the door and peek through the food slot, trying to see anyone but she always got there too late. She sat next to the three trays she had collected, none eaten. The food tasted horrible and gave her a stomach ache after a few bites but there was no one to complain to. Hadnít these people heard of food cubes? She guessed she would get hungry enough soon to eat it anyway. At least hunger gave her something to distract her from the real trouble she was in. Thinking about her body just lying on her bed on moya, everyone trying to wake her up, they were probably all thinking something had gone wrong and she was dead. Or maybe they were dead and that was why she couldnít get back. These thoughts made her sicker than the food.

A knock at the door caused her to jump a little, the only noise for the past 3 days had been her own voice. She ran over, "whoís there?" she demanded. No one answered. She yelled again to no avail. Chiana jumped again as the heavy door slid open with a great scraping noise. The boy who she had seen following scorpious stood there. "Iíve been directed to keep you informed on the committees debate about you. The possible things they can decide to do about you and all that. Also to answer any questions you might have about whatís going on." he stood, not seeming to know what else to say.

"Well youíre in luck, I just happen to have a question."

"You do?" he asked, surprised, "um, ok, well go ahead and ask"

"What, *exactally*, is going on? because Iím tired of this dren! You people bring me here, make crazy accusations, then lock me here with inedible food with no explanation whatsoever!"

"Just calm down and Iíll explain everything, where do you want me to start?" he asked, seeming very upset.

Chiana took a breath. Inhaled. Exhaled. "Ok I guess you can start with where we are."

"Scarra, home of the scarrens."

"Ok that means nothing to me so how about, why did you bring me here?"

"Because you were using a lednac device and only our species is supposed to have them."

"Whatís a Ďlednac deviceí?"

He sighed, then as if he were talking to a four cycle old, "The thing you used to be in two places at once. The thing that allows you to hear thoughts and move from place to place with out physically going there."

"Why cant I get back?"

"Because we need you here, so all Lednacís have been frozen. Even if your device is removed it will do no good until the freeze is released."

"How can you see me? No one else could."

"Its designed so anyone of my species wont be tricked by someone using one, only other species wont see you" ok since it lets me hear thought why canít I hear yours?"

"Because I donít go around blaring my thoughts for everyone to hear like you do. I have more control than that." he said, as if she was being obscene in some way by not having the control he did.

"Fine, so I have one of these Ďlednací things and donít know the finer points of using it, why do you people care? Why am I here?"

"Because among our people, only the highest people in our society can use them, what you have done is a great insult to all of us. An insult to those who worked hard to earn this privilege, to those who donít have the privilege because most of them are more worthy of it than you. So in answer to this insult the committee must decide what to do with you."

"And what will they do with me?"

"They have several choices, they could send you back, which they wont do, they could keep you like this, or they could kill you. most of the committee is leaning towards the last choice, but they will debate until they agree."

"Is there no way I can go back? I didnít know it was such an insult, canít I talk with them?"

"No, they wouldnít listen to you anyway. There is one choice, you could ask to join them in their cause, they may let you, if you are sincere enough,"

"And what is their cause?"

"We watch over the most evil ones in the galaxy, making sure they donít decide to threaten our people, if they do, we take preventive measures."

"So, you go around and kill whoever thinks of hurting your planet, and if I want to help you then youíll let me, but if not then I die too."

"Right." he answered, obviously not noticing the tone of her voice.

"Well I want to help then."

"You do?" he asked, surprised again.

"Well yeah, you say Iíve insulted these people, It only seems right that I pay them back by protecting them."

"um, well ok then, Iíll tell that to the committee." He ran out of the room and pushed the heavy door back in place.

Good, if this works I can gain their trust, release the freeze, and get back to Moya. And if the reason she couldnít get back was because something these people did then odds were everyone made it away from the command carrier ok.

It then occurred to her that she really had no idea how to release the freeze. It might not ever be something she could release, these peopleís technology was so strange to her, the freeze might be controlled by one person in a way that no matter what she did, she couldnít let it go. But then again, it might be a big switch at the end of a hall with huge signs pointing to it saying "freeze".

Well then Iíll just have to convince them to let the freeze off themselves.

Now, how do I do that?

* * *

When the heavy door slid open again, Chiana still didnít have a plan. I guess Iíll have to figure it out as I go. Two people she didnít know came in and grabbed her by each arm. Tendrils of pain shot up and down, frell they were strong! Chiana bared the pain without showing and outward sign, she wouldnít give them the satisfaction.

They brought her back to the first room she saw. It looked like all the committee members were present. Without much delay the leader was speaking, "The one we sent to talk with you says you wish to join our cause, is this correct?"

"Yeah" she replied with fake confidence.

"Why would you wish to do such a thing? It doesnít make any sense, we arenít your people, why would you want to help us?"

"uh, well, I was told that using the lednac device without earning the privilege insulted allot of people, I want to make up for that, do something to apologize, ya know?" oh I hope he believes it.

"I donít believe you." he said firmly. "You must be planning something, but I donít know what it is. Take her back to her cell while we debate."

The two goons came back and grabbed her still sensitive arms, leading her back to her cell.

* * *

Chiana sat in the cell again. That had gone well, she thought sarcastically. She had to think of some way to get back or they *would* kill her. She *had* to get them to release the freeze, but how could she get them to believe her lie?

She sighed and sank down along the wall. A small rodent of some kind ran from a crack in the wall under the food slot in the door. I wish I could get out that easy. But then maybe she could. They had brought her here in the blink of an eye. Maybe the device let her do that too, she just didnít know how. She looked at the opposite corner of the room, Iím gonna go there. she stared at the corner and nothing happened. She stared harder. Nothing. She closed her eyes and tried to relax, she pictured herself sitting in the corner, pictured every detail, the way her legs would cross, the crack in the wall. She opened her eyes and she was there.

Wow! If I can move across the room, then I can go anywhere! And they think I donít know how so I have an advantage. Where should I go? if I run into any of them theyíll see me and any chance I have at convincing them to release the freeze will fly out the window. Besides I have to see the place in detail.

I could go to Moya! She sat back down and immediately tried to picture her self in her quarters, sitting on the bed. She opened her eyes and she was there again!

She looked around, the room was empty of people, including herself. She walked into the hall and almost ran into Zhann. "Zhann!" but she didnít hear her. Oh, right, I forgot she cant hear me.

She followed her to the sick bay where her body lay. John was in the corner. She looked over, "Any change?"

"Nope. I canít believe I let her go, this is my fault. I should have faced scorpius instead of being a chicken and letting her go instead."

"John you hardly had a choice, there was no way you could have known this would have happened."

"yeah well..." his sentence trailed off as he left the room. Zhann sighed and sat in his chair. She stood up again and picked up the tube, Chiana waited but nothing happened. Zhann sat back down and slouched in the chair. <I must be doing something wrong, this is how Chiana said to do it right? well then why isnít it working?>

Chiana couldnít take it anymore. She was here seeing these people beat themselves up about something that wasnít their fault and she couldnít do anything about it. It was all because of those people. They couldnít just mind their own business. "YOU FRELLING MORONS! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO MESS EVERYTHING UP?!"

Zhannís head jumped up, "Chiana" came her questioning voice. Chiana almost to shocked to think, remembered how Zhann had known when she was around before.

She ran up to Zhannís ear and started to yell, "Zhann! Zhann! Can you hear me?"

"Chiana, is that you?" she asked quietly. <Donít tell me Iím hearing voices again.>

"Zhann youíre not hearing voices, Iím really here!"

"Where are you?" she asked, still sounding skeptical.

"Iím right next to you, on your right." she yelled, her voice starting to get tired from yelling at the top of her lungs. Zhann looked to her right and saw a shimmer in the air. She reached out and accidentally poked her in the stomach. She stood up and felt the young nebairís frazzled hair.

"By the goddess, it is you!" she hugged her, anyone who walked in, Chiana thought, would think Zhann had gone completely crazy. "Youíve had everyone so worried, why did you wait four days to come back? And why are you still like that?"

"These weird people caught me, theyíre the ones that made this" lifting up the tube, "They got all upset and had me in this cell. They were trying to figure out what to do with me when I figured out how to escape, but I still canít get back in my body because they made all these things stop working with this freeze thing, so eventhough Iím back, I still cant get back till I get them to release the freeze which isnít too likely because last time I saw them they wanted to kill me." she wondered if Zhann caught all that as she tried to catch her breath.

Zhann called Pilot on her comm, "Pilot, can you ask everyone to come down here? Tell them to hurry."

* * *

Everyone was squeezed into the small sick bay as Zhann explained what Chiana had told her. They all listened quietly but when Zhann finished, Chiana was bombarded with voices. Everyone was thinking at once and she couldnít distinguish between voices. She took a few steps back until the noise in her head died down. Better not to hear anyone then everyone at once.

John spoke up, "So shes here right now?"

"Yes, Chiana pick up something, show everyone where you are." Chiana looked around and saw one of Zhanns many herb bottles, picked it up.

"So the only thing standing in youíre way is this freeze thing right?"

"Yes" she yelled.

"Chiana says yes" Zhann relayed to them.

The human thought for a microt, " Well if you can use this thing to appear here, just use it to go to wherever the freezing thing is located and release it yourself."

"It doesnít work that way," she yelled, mildly thinking that it was hard to hold a conversation with her yelling and Zhann having to repeat everything she said, "I can only go places I know really well."

"She says it wont work because she can only go places she knows."

Rygel spoke up, pointing out something she had missed, "What happens when they realize youíre gone?" Silence followed. If they had found out she escaped they might kill her as soon as she got back. Or just fix it so she couldnít leave again. "What did she say?" asked the impatient dominair.

"I- I didnít think of that."

"She didnít think of that."

"The longer you stay here the greater the chance of them finding out you left." Díargo said, his first contribution to the whole thing. "You go back for a while, and weíll try to think of a plan, come back when you can, after they see you there, and well tell you what we thought of."

"I cant go back, theyíll kill me, I know it!"

"She says she cant or theyíll kill her. She sounds scared."

"Chiana listen, If they find you gone, how long do you think itíll take them to find you? What will they do to you then? If you go back now they might never know you left and then we can have time to try to think of a plan. You have to go back." Díargo looked to Zhann to see what Chiana would saw but she was already gone.

* * *

Chiana stood in the cell. She had no way of knowing if they had found out, she couldnít exactly ask them either. the thought made her smile in spite of herself, "excuse me mister jailer guy, did you find out that I escaped and just got back? I was wondering if you did cuz that would be bad if you knew and I want to be prepared." a little smile helped her relax. <Ok weather they know I left or not, I have to assume they donít, act natural.> she thought with more confidence then she really felt.

The thick stone door rumbled as it was slid open. The boy who had talked to her before looked in. "The committee is still considering your proposal, Iíll come back and tell you when they decide, but itíll be a few more days." he left and struggled with the door.

Good they didnít know, otherwise he would have said something or maybe sounded some kind of alarm. I have a few days he said, so I can go back and they probably wont notice. She yawned, suddenly tired, I guess going places like that is harder then I thought. She lied down on the floor and was asleep almost immediately.

* * *


The girl didnít know that he had been outside himself when the freeze was applied. She also didnít know that he had heard what she had been thinking, knew that she had figured out how to use the device to jump from her cell to her ship. He would have to tell the committee. Pity, though, he had thought she was serious about wanting to help them.

* * *

Chiana woke as the door was violently slammed open. Three big men stood there, two came in and grabbed one of her arms each. "What is this?! Whatís going on?!" They dragged her into the hall where the third man picked up her feet. she tried to kick but he was too strong. she saw the leader of the committee standing in the hall a little further down. "Hey what are you doing? where are you taking me."

the leader approached and she stopped kicking, waiting to hear what he had to say. "Chiana, that is your name right? Chiana?" she nodded. He took a deep breath and exhaled. "I always hate doing this, but it has to be done. We found out what you did, leaving your cell. We were about to decide in your favor and everything, then you had to go and do that." He sighed and shook his head, "So now we have no other choice, you cannot be trusted so we have to kill you."

"What! No! please! there has to be some other way! please!" She began to kick and fight as hard as she could but the men were too strong. The leader just motioned and walked the other way.

They took her down a hall into a large room. Chiana screamed the whole way. They dropped her on the floor. She looked around desperately for some exit, the Big men blocked the one they entered through, she saw one on the other side of the room. She made a break for it, and the laser fire hit her an arms length away. Blue blood spilled onto the floor, finding little cracks to run through. The three men turned and left through the door they came in at.

* * *


Díargo was in the sick bay. It had been a week since they had last heard from Chiana. Everyone had their suspicions, but no one said it. Every arn that went by with out hearing from her heightened the chances that she was dead. The thought made him shiver. She had only been with them for little over half a cycle but it still seemed strange not having her around. A memory flashed into his head, Chiana on fire in the freezer, him pounding at the door, unable to open it. She had been afraid, and his "Help" had gotten her killed. Just like his "Help" telling her to go back had probably gotten her killed. He walked over to her. Ran his fingers over the tube thing that had caused all this, then picked it up and threw it against the wall, it smashed into a million pieces.

Behind him Chiana gasped. He spun around and saw her sitting up, looking around. "Chiana!"

"What happened? How did I get here?"

"I donít know, We all thought you were dead!"

"Where is the thing?"

"Over there." he said simply, pointing to what remained of the lednac device.

"They must have released the freeze, then you smashing the thing woke me up."

"What happened to make them release the freeze then?" Díargo asked

"I died." Chiana said like it was no big deal, as she got up and walked out of the room.

:) The End (: