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Chiana Rocks

When a brother seems so far from home
And losses counted drift unknown
I think of those whose eyes I've seen
In friendship bonds and crazy things.
Like dancing on an edgless edge
Where tandem lurks the wishful head.
A lithly glance or a gentle smile
A breeze from elves or a laughters
Care to I what may be these things?
Like somber parents in silent dreams
Where there they may just stately be
Like hopeful urges to someday see
A time or place or sometime when
A brother comes alive again.
Just like timeless time I look to friends
And see the places so often when
They're looking back in wonders hand
What is she this spriteful will?
What dares she to comprehend
With the mystics eyeful grin
A turn of head and softly send
Chiana the slum kid from those
Bankrupt sides. Never goin back home
And so the tale is wrought on harely rides
Like there was this princess
Someone lost.
Quiet a shame for them is
The smirking thought.
Quiet the shame, fore
So be this free spirit
A one to our own
For lavishing giggles
And shockers abound.
Chiana Rocks