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Title: Friends
Author: Stowaway
Summary: Post Family Ties story
Disclaimer: I have no intention of doing anything illegal with this story, I wrote it strictly for fun.
"Aeryn, D'argo is not doing good here." John said muffled behind his helmet.
"I know, I'm trying John, I can't get to you, the prowlers are all around." She said frustration and fear clouding her voice.
Aeryn looked around the outside her prowler, there was no way to get to them without giving up her identity. There was no way she could take on the other prowlers with her one lone prowler. Her mind raced to Taylon and Crasis's abduction of him, she had never felt helpless before and she was sure this was one emotion she didn't care to feel again.
Suddenly her eye caught sight of something faraway. She squinted to see it more clearly and as it got closer, her heart leaped. "Taylon."
"Where?" John asked his attention focused on D'argo.
"He's coming towards us?" She replied.
"Is that good or bad, with Crasis behind the wheel." John said turning his head to see him.
Without warning Taylon began firing at the surrounding prowlers.
"I hope he knows what he's doing." John said not quiet sure what was going on.
"He's distracting them, so I can come to get you, I'm coming, hold on." This was her chance to move and she was going to take it.
"We have to go back for them." Chianna said as she looked pleadingly at Zhaan.
"What the frelling for?" Rygel piped in and Chianna swiped in the back of the head in response.
"I don't see how we can, we have no weapons on Moya, we cannot risk her, she has to find her child." Zhaan said quietly, she to wished there was a way to go back and find their family.
"The one that ran off with that peacekeeper?" Rygel again piped in and once again Chianna swiped the back of his head.
"He was tricked Rygel, just like we all were." Zhaan said lowering her head with worry.
Aeryn hopped down from her prowler inside Taylon and helped John lower D'argo to the floor. "I'm going to find crasis, can you take care of D'argo?" She asked worried as she looked down at the luxan.
"Yea go and be careful, you don't know  what Crasis is up to."
John watched as she walked away and ten turned his attention back to D'argo. "Come on buddy." His said removing his helmet and tapping D'argo's face.
Aeryn made her way to Taylon's bridge her gun at the ready. If Crasis was up to something she would be ready and she would do whatever it took to protect Taylon and her family.
When she reached the bridge her eyes went wide with shock, what the frell was going on?..
Aeryn's eyes scanned the bridge, she stepped slowly in, her gun ready and her reflexes alert. She looked side to side and there was nothing. No Crasis. Just the empty bridge. "What the frell is going on?" She said between clenched teeth.
"Crasis!, were the hess are you" She demanded to the empty bridge. He must be hiding somewhere on Taylon she thought. Taylon, he was ok. She looked around at the small ship she had made a connection to. Like her, he was a warrior by birth, with his weapons clearly in action as she looked out the view window. But he was also child filled with new emotions, in some ways just like her. "Taylon, I'm here." She said taking the rail of the bridge.
"D'argo, come on." John said looking at his friend. "You can't leave me alone with all those women, Aeryn, Zhaan, and Chianna, I'll be taking out the garbage for life." He rambled as he kept looking for a sign that he was all right, some movement, anything. "Oh and don't forget spanky, he's going to take all you're stuff, if you don't wake up."
He could see her, he could swear it was her, but the light was so blinding and beautiful, he wanted to go towards her. But someone was calling him. "D'argo!" It broke through to this world he was in. He turned to the voice, wanting to go to it and wanting to go to her.
D'argo looked at her hair flowing in the light and the mist that surrounded them. She smiled as she did so long ago. His beautiful wife. She was saying something, he moved closer to her to hear what she was saying, he needed to be near her to know, where he might be, where their son might be.
"Man, I hope this works." John said as he bent down towards D'argo and began CPR. "Luke Skywalker never had this problem." He said between breaths.
D'argo could feel her close, no wait, it wasn't her this smelled different, male. He's eyes fluttered open and he saw Crichton's face above his. "What in hess?!!" He shot up grabbing John's throat. "What in hess were you doing kissing me?!" He shouted.
"I.." John choked out, "Was..doing CPR" He gasped out the last, while pulling D'argo's hands away.
"CPR?" D'argo question still not sure, but letting his grasp go.
"Yea, it's away we humans breath for each other if one stops." He said rubbing his throat.
"Crichton do I look human to you." D'argo said as he attempted to get up.
"Take it easy." John said as attempted to help the luxan up.
"I'm fine." He said with determination.
"I never doubted it." John grinned. "Stay here till you're back together, I've got to check Aeryn, Crasis is gotta be floating around here somewhere."
As John turned to leave, D'argo said. "Crichton, I saw her."
"Who?" John raised an eyebrow.
"My wife, she told me to keep looking for my son."
"Then we will." John assured him and added before he left. "Just for the record D'argo, I prefer radiant raven haired women." He grinned at D'argo's curious face and then made his way towards Taylon's bridge.
Aeryn watched as Taylon took out yet another prowler, but she also realized he couldn't keep this up forever. they would have to come up with a way to get out of here. She had searched as much of the ship as she could and there was no sign of Crasis, but right now her focus was on Taylon and his fight with the prowlers.
"Where is that Son of.." John started as he walked onto the bridge and saw Aeryn alone.
"He's not here." She turned to look at him. "How's D'argo?"
"Other then he thinks I'm in love with him, he's fine."
"What?" She asked.
"Oh." She said remembering her lesson in the human way of breathing for another. She smiled to herself.
"Why isn't Crasis here?" He asked looking around Taylon's bridge.
"I don't know, all I know is that Taylon is." Her eyes went to the view window once again.
"He came back to you." John said as he suddenly realized just how strong their connection with each other was, not that he could blame the kid.
"Yes and I have to get him out of here,"
"We'll get him and us out of here." He put a hand to Aeryn's shoulder, he could see that she felt some kind of maternal instinct for Taylon and a curious image of a small child with dark hair flashed through his mind, what kind of mother would Aeryn be, from what he saw so far, a pretty good one.
Without warning their were thrown to the ground when Taylon was hit by prowler fire.
"You all right?" John said helping her up and brushing the hair from her face.
"Where is that prowler." Aeryn stalked to the firing panel and aimed Taylon's guns straight for it, blasting it into the darkness of space.
"Remind me never to piss you off." John grinned. "Aeryn we have to figure away out of this." John looked out the view window. "And we better do it fast."
"Pilot are you sure?" Zhaan asked as she walked over to the visual image of Moya's pilot.
"Yes, Moya feels that her child is in danger and that she should return." Pilot said in his usual logical voice.
"What about the asteroid field?" Chianna asked as she to moved closer to Pilot's image.
"It will take sometime to navigate around it, but Moya feels we must." He implored.
"Well, what the frell are we waiting for." Rygel said in a huff.
"Rygel." Zhaan said in surprise.
"This is no time to be selfish." And he added, "You're going to do it anyway, so lets do it."
"You heard his majesty, Pilot." Chianna smiled.
Scorpuis watched from the command carrier as the child leviathan engaged the prowlers. "You've failed Crasis." He said to himself. He turned as he heard the boot clicks of the peacekeeper behind him. "Has he returned?" He asked the peacekeeper, but another answered.
"Yes." Crasis answered as he walked in.
"Leave." Scorpuis said to the peacekeeper and without a protest he left the two. "You failed." Scorpuis stepped down from the view screen.
"The child turned on me, he began shutting down life-support systems." Crasis explained.
"A simple task, turning a leviathan child and you could not handle it or have you been contaminated." Scorpuis said eyes slightly widened as he moved closer to stand in front of Crasis.
"If I had been contaminated, why would I have returned." He stated simply.
"Perhaps you found our company more endearing then theirs" Scorpuis loomed before him for a moment, before he returned to the view screen. There was no way the command carrier could return kill fire, not as long as there was a chance Crichton was on board the child leviathan, he would not lose the worm hole technology that Crichton possessed.
"I believe, I'm not the only one that has failed." Crasis said coming to stand next to Scorpuis and watching the ensuing battle that took place outside the view screen.
"Taylon can't take much more of this." Aeryn said as they were hit by another prowler blast.
"He won't have to." John said as he looked outside the view screen.
"You've got a plan."
"Give Scorpy what he wants, my brain on a silver platter." He answered looking directly at her.
"We'll find another way." She said turning her head.
"Aeryn...." John started to say something more when D'argo interrupted.
"What in hess is going on up here?" He stormed onto Taylon's bridge.
"Our friendly neighborhood peacekeepers want us to stay for dinner." John offered with a slight grin. He walked over to D'argo pulling him aside. "D'argo I need you to get the prowler ready." He said simply.
"What are you planning Crichton?" D'argo asked ominously.
"Giving you guys a chance to get away." He replied intent on his mission.
D'argo stared at him for a few moments. "Understood Crichton." He said understanding in only the way a warrior could.
John crossed the bridge back to Aeryn. "There's no other way." He said as he rested a hand at her shoulder.
She didn't turn away from her position, keeping her focus on the view screen. She knew that there was no other choice, they had no other way of saving themselves and Taylon. "I understand."
"Coming from D'argo that's fine, not from you Aeryn." He said as he moved in closer to her.
She turned to look at him. "We weren't going to say goodbye, remember." She smiled.
"No, we weren't." He agreed.
She turned, her eyes caught something in the view window. "Moya."
"Moya would be good." He agreed not seeing what she was.
"No, it's Moya."
"Get in front of her to protect her." John said .
"There." Chianna said as she pointed to Taylon.
"Thank the Goddess." Zhaan said as she opened communications up between Moya and Taylon. "John, Aeryn, D'argo, are you all right."
"We've been better." John's voice replied.
"Pilot, how long before Moya can achieve starburst again?" Chianna asked.
"She is draining all resources as we speak." Pilot replied looking at the controls that had become his home.
Taylon was struck by another prowler blast. John caught the rail of the bridge, while Aeryn hung onto the control panel.
"We can't wait, if I don't do this we'll lose Moya to." He grabbed Aeryn's hand. "Make sure you all get the frell out of here." He smiled.
Aeryn looked at him and with her free hand switched off the communicator, then she pulled him in and kissed him. He responded tenderly , they took the brief moment that they had and made the most of it.
"Moya is preparing for starburst." Pilot said calmly.
"Pilot she can't possibly......" Zhaan never finished as Moya starbursted. Everyone on Moya grabbed what ever they could find to hold onto.
"Hess!!!" D'argo shouted as he grabbed onto Aeryn's prowler to keep from being thrown.
John and Aeryn were once again flung to Taylon's floor, still locked in each other's arms.
A few seconds later as the two leviathan's came to halt in space, John looked down at Aeryn beneath him. "If we were on earth, I say it moved."
Aeryn looked at him confused, but quickly said. "Moya is she all right and Taylon."
John helped her up and they both made their way to the control panel, reestablishing contact with Moya. "Zhaan is everyone all right?"
"Yes, how about you?" Her voice floated onto Taylon.
"A little warning would have been appreciated."
John turned to see D'argo behind them, and returned to the communicator. "We're great."
Aeryn's hand went down to Taylon's control panel and she whispered. "We're home."
"Their gone." Crasis said as he and Scorpuis watched as the two leviathan's had starburtsed.
"For now." Scorpuis said as he rested a palm against the view screen, he would find Crichton again and he would have the technology he possessed.
Crasis watched as Scorpuis stepped down from the view screen. Leaving him to stare after him as he left.
"So did you miss me sparky?" John grinned at the hynerian.
"I do not miss people." Rygel replied imperiously.
"Yes you did." Chianna said as she whacked him in the back of the head.
"If you don't stop that." Rygel huffed.
"You'll what." Chianna loomed above him and the kissed Rygel's forehead as he protested.
John laughed, he had missed these people, he thought he would never see the inside of Moya again. He looked around to find Aeryn, but she had disappeared, he went to look for her.
"She told me never to stop looking for my son." D'argo was explaining to Zhaan, about what he had experienced.
"Then we shall never stop." Zhaan said as she took D'argo's hands into hers. "We all have our quests D'argo, you're son is yours."." She brought her forehead to rest on his.
D'argo excepted the comfort she brought and quest for his son.
John found Aeryn staring out at Taylon, on Moya's bridge. "You're missing the party." He said as he walked up to her.
"Pilot said that Moya learned from Taylon, Crasis left him, because he began shutting down life-support." Aeryn said holding her gaze on Taylon.
"I love that kid." John smiled looking at the child leviathan.
"So do I." Aeryn said as she turned to look at him. "Is this what you meant, when you said I could be more?"
"You tell me." He stated simply.
"I like being more." She replied, this was her new life and her new emotions, and she wouldn't trade them.
"Like I said we missing the party." He said holding his hand out.
She took it and they headed back towards their friends.
"What did you mean about the earth moving?" She asked as they walked down Moya's corridor.
"It's a figure of speech I used, to say how good the kiss was." He explained.
"So did the earth move?" Aeryn asked not the least bit shyly.
"Dar'lin the earth was dancing." He said in all serious as their voices trailed off down the corridor.
Taylon kept pace with his mother, they headed into the starlight of space, free for the moment and together.
Moya's stowaway.
Copyright 2000: Moya's stowaway. JMC.