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Title: Out Of The Past
Author: Stowaway
Summary: Sequel to The Wedding
Disclaimer: I have no intention of doing anything illegal with this story, it was written strictly for fun.
John walked to the view screen on Moya's command. "Well it looks good." He said looking at the planet that was just a head.
"Scanners say it appears to be inhabitable." Zhaan said.
"Yes, but is it inhabited?" D'argo asked.
"Yes, they appear to be sebecean." Zhaan said.
"That's good news." Aeryn said as she appeared on Moya's command.
"Depends on whether their peacekeepers." Chianna supplied from her seat at the table in the command
"There's only one way to find out." Aeryn said.
"Ok you and I go check it out, if it's cool, the rest follow." John said looking at Aeryn.
"What does being cool, have to do with it?" Aeryn asked confused, not for the first time by him.
"I mean if it's ok." John corrected.
"Why didn't you just say that." Aeryn said eyebrows raised in frustration.
"Can we just go. Please." John said shaking his head and moving past her.
John looked around at the sebeceans flooding the street, either buying stuff at the local merchants or just going about their delay business, it reminded him of earth and that sudden feeling of home sickness came over him.
It had been a while since he felt like that. He had begun a new life here. Made friends and enemies. Most importantly he had a wife, he looked over at Aeryn who was keeping pace right next to him. "Looks a little like earth." He smiled keeping his focus on the present instead of the past.
"But it's not." She said knowing were his mind was, she had discovered over time, that it was getting easier to do that.
"Look a bar." John said nodding his head towards a building with a sign that said Fellip Nectar.
"I think your talking about a beverage room." Aeryn said looking at him.
"Like I said a bar, Come on." He said take a hold of her arm.
"John, were here for supplies." Aeryn protested as he pulled her along.
"One drink." He shrugged off her protests.
An arn later, Aeryn hiccuped and looked over at John. "You" She giggled.
"You send me for the supplies so I won't get punk and by the way it's drunk." He said as he pushed the drink in front of her out of her reach. "And you're drunk."
"I am." Hiccup. "Not." Hiccup. "Drunk."
"Dar'lin your drunk." John said pulling her off the chair she was sitting on.
"Where we." Hiccup, followed by a giggle. "Going?"
"Home." John said flinging her over his shoulder.
"Wow, everyone is upside down." She giggled. "John put me down." She hiccuped once again. "I can walk." She slapped his back with her hand.
"You heard the lady." John turned to see a sebecean man his age looking at him.
"The lady is my wife." John said staring at the man.
"That's right." Aeryn said trying to hold her hand with his ring on it up.
"Aeryn?" The sebecean asked.
"John, turn me around or put me down." She managed. She slid down John's shoulder and turned around. "Gavin?"
"You two know each other?" John joked, but didn't miss the look of longing on this Gavin's face and he didn't like it.
Aeryn looked at him for a few moments, before she swung back and even drunk, she could hit straight, Gavin grabbed his face as he went down.
"She knows him." John offered to himself.
"You, what are you doing here?" Aeryn asked as she swaggered and John steadied her.
"I saw them spike your drink and didn't know who you were." Gavin said picking himself up off the floor.
"Who spiked her drink?" John asked looking around at the varying species in the bar.
"Pick one, they see a pretty woman, who's been left on her own and they take advantage." Gavin explained rubbing his jaw.
"You left the peacekeepers." Aeryn blurted out.
"Listen, I don't know about you, but I'm not looking to be found, what you say we take this conversation elsewhere." Gavin said as he walked towards the exit.
"I want to bring him back to Moya." Aeryn said to John as they followed.
"Are you out of your frelling mind." He said as then shook his head. "Of course you are, you've been spiked."
"John, he's not peacekeeper, he's like me." She stopped him for a moment and looked at him in all seriousness. "He may be able to help."
A few arns later John and everyone with the exception of Zhaan and Aeryn, were seated across the table on Moya's command . "What did my wife mean you could help us?" John asked making sure he used the word wife in describing Aeryn.
"She meant that I had left the peacekeepers a long time ago and I've been working against them ever since." Gavin replied.
John turned as he heard footsteps, it was Zhaan. "How is she?" He and Gavin asked at the same time, John turned to look at him. "Let me do the worrying about my wife, Zhaan." He turned back to the Delvian priestess who had saved their lives with her medications, and care many times.
"I've managed to rid her system of the drug, but it will be sometime before she is better." Zhaan calmly as she took a seat at the table.
"What the yutz, where you doing in that place?" Rygel interjected in his usual, hello I'm the boss, talk to me, attitude.
"Rygel shut-up, the original story was much better." Chianna said as she nudged Rygel. "So how long have you known Aeryn?" She smiled amused and interested.
"Enough, I want to know how he can help us?" D'argo said still suspicious of this former peacekeeper, he had excepted Aeryn as he had John, he had spent time in battle and friendship with them, but he had never met this one until now.
"He can help us get weapons." Aeryn said from behind them.
"You're suppose to be relaxing." John said as she took a seat next to him.
"I'm fine." She placed her hand on his for reassurance.
Gavin noticed the ring on her finger. "Is that an earth custom, to wear his ring?"
"How did you know I was from earth, how do you know about it period." John said leaning in closer to the table.
"You are the most wanted man in the universe, the bounty on you're head, preferably alive, is enormous." Gavin sat back. "Although, I've been hearing that Scorpuis had a way of extracting information from a dead man." He smiled a little.
"Over my dead body." Aeryn smiled back.
"Thank you dear." John said, he was well aware of how bad Scorpuis wanted him and he was well aware at what lengths Aeryn would go to protect him, she knew as well that nothing would stop him from protecting her, even from ex-peacekeeper boyfriends. "That's true love." He grinned in Gavin's direction.
"Ok, now that we have established who belongs to who, what about the weapons?" D'argo asked, another time he might be amused at this stake out of territory, but there was another topic more important, it revolved around setting themselves free of the peacekeepers.
"As Aeryn has said, I left the peacekeepers and when I did, I joined with others who working against them." Gavin said remembering the day he left, the way he had left Aeryn. "We've come across a peacekeeper weapons supply, on the planet we were just on."
"You're going to hit it." Aeryn said.
"I was, until this."
"You still are, with us." D'argo said, weapons were something they needed.
"What if I say no." Gavin said.
"Then D'argo sends you out the air lock." John smiled.
"I would've been more diplomatic Crichton." D'argo offered smiling.
"Sorry big guy, he'll help you out the air lock."
"Better." D'argo said.
"He'll help." Aeryn said.
"After I've been asked so nicely, of course." Gavin said looking at Aeryn.
"Give me some time with him." Aeryn said to John as the others were leaving the command.
"Do you have any idea, how badly I want to kick his frelling butt." John said grinning through clenched teeth.
"When we come back." She smiled.
"I'll be waiting for you in the transport pod." John said and then he kissed Aeryn, till she thought her knees would buckle beneath her. "Newlyweds." He smiled to Gavin before he left.
"He's very strange." Gavin said when they were alone.
"But he's mine." Aeryn replied.
"I'm truly sorry." He said.
Aeryn walked towards him, he had the same color hair as John, but that's where any similarity ended. "You just took off, no words, nothing."
"Aeryn, I knew you would never go with me, you were just beginning you're military career, we both were, the only difference is I never trusted them, you did." He explained.
"I also trusted you."
"I was surprised when I heard you left them, was he the reason?" Gavin asked quietly.
"He rescued me from them, when I didn't even know I needed to be rescued, but the person I am now is all my doing." Aeryn said, she had found this new life with in her and she had found a new life with John.
"He's very lucky."
"So am I." Aeryn said.
The transport pod landed on the planet, with D'argo, John, Aeryn and Gavin.
John caught hold of Aeryn's arm as they all exited the transport. "What's up with him?" He nodded towards Gavin.
Aeryn answered him with a kiss that almost buckled his knees beneath him. "Newlyweds." She smiled.
"Hey, you think we could do a little of this kissing stuff later in our quarters?" He smiled, eyebrows raised.
"Yes, but I get to start." Aeryn returned grinning.
"How come there's only three peacekeepers guarding the base?" John asked as they all looked at a fenced in building with three peacekeepers armed, walking around.
"It's a small weapon's dump, and their not expecting this." Gavin replied as he to keep his eyes open.
"Well, hell I was expecting to be here either." John joked.
"Lets do this." Aeryn said getting up quickly and firing at the peacekeepers, while taking cover behind a rock.
"She's always gotta be first." John said following behind her and firing.
D'argo stayed right where he was and returned fire on a peacekeeper, hitting him without a problem. "If you do it the right way, you don't have a problem." He smiled.
John and Aeryn fired back on the remaining peacekeepers and they were soon down as well.
"This is just to easy." John said as they walked towards the building. With in seconds of saying that ,the door to the building flew open and peacekeeper began firing, John and D'argo returned fire till he was down
John looked down to see Aeryn and Gavin on the ground. "Aeryn!" He shouted as he dropped to the ground beside her.
"I'm ok, Gavin pushed me out of the way." She said looking to Gavin beside her, but he wasn't moving. "Gavin." She said as she sat up and went to his side.
"I'll check the building and retrieve the weapons." D'argo said.
"I'll back you up." John said getting up.
"No, you stay here." D'argo said as he looked down at Gavin, John nodded his head.
"Make sure you get the weapons to the others." Gavin whispered to the both them.
"We will." Aeryn said softly to the man who just saved her life.
"Forgive me now?" He joked, grabbing his stomach as the pain took him over.
"We'll get you back, Zhaan can help." John said not really believing it.
"I can't feel anything." He said weakly. "Aeryn, don't stop until you beat them." He said softly before he went still.
John leaned down to close his eyes and put an arm around Aeryn.
"Did we get the weapons to them?" Aeryn asked from the terrace on Moya that looked out to the stars, when she saw John walking towards her.
"Yes." John said putting his arms around her from behind.
She smiled. "I owe him my life."
"I owe him my life to." He said kissing her neck softly as he breathed in the scent of her hair.
Aeryn leaned herself against him, taking in his shelter. "Do you think if we ever have a son.."
He finished for her. "Gavin sounds good to me." He pulled her in closer.
The End.
Copyright2000: Moya's stowaway. JMC.