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Date: 4/3/2000
From: ChianaBlue


Numbly staring into the blackest abyss
I wonder if I can do thisÖ
Do we live, breathe, exist?
Or is it all a fleshed-out dream, misty scenes floating by?
Where do I go? The remnants of the past too soon die
I no longer have any vision of myself; Iíve lost it, its refuse
When is it my time? Do I dare to comprehend the ruse?
Contorted, distorted, convoluted beyond all
Itís all the design, or is it? I think not, I want to fall
Am I REALLY alive? Or just floating, a nameless apparition
Like all whom appear in my clouded vision
But they arenít real, and neither am I
I will challenge, or die valiantly, alone
And so I freely take the stone