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by Ligrim

Part 2
Everyone started to laugh. She had to look comical closely examining
Crichton's tool. They all lowered their weapons - she knew that if she
wanted to escape this was a perfect moment. She pushed John away, at the
same time disarming him. She stabbed Aeryn with the screwdriver. She shot
at D'argo using the gun she took from John and disappeared around the
corner. Fortunately, she missed D'argo. She was running for a couple of
microts, but it seemed to her like a couple of days. Pilot closed all the
doors nearby, and cut off her escape. They found her, and threw her on the
ground. D'argo held her tightly, and John tied her up. Aeryn's wound wasn't
deep, but it was bleeding badly...
"So now you're going to hand me over to them?" She asked when they
"I don't know..." said John... "But you have to trust us, if you want us to
help you!"
"I'm lying on the floor all tied up... I think it's not the best time to
talk about trust!"
"You stabbed me you little bitch! We should hand you over right now, but
we're trying to save your butt here!" said Aeryn. "So try to cooperate a
little bit!"
"So what's your brilliant plan?" asked Chiana quietly.
"We don't have one yet..." replied Zhaan.
"Oh, yes we have!" John smiled. "If you promise you won't try anything
foolish I'll let you go."
"I don't trust you John, but I have nothing better to do."
"Don't trust her! She's dangerous!!" squealed Rygel.
They went to the docking bay. All of them kept an eye on Chiana.
"So what's your plan, John?" asked D'argo.
John showed them his ship.
"What exactly do you want to do with this?" asked Aeryn.
John realized that his plan isn't so obvious as he thought so he explained
it to them.
"Remember the disappearing device T'raltixx left us? We can use it to get
past their ships..."
"You're insane John - this device works only 10 microts - there's no way
you can get out of their range in ten..."
"Unless, Aeryn, something will distract them..."
"I think you should kill me right now and save yourself lots of trouble..."
Chiana sat on the floor laughing.
"I don't think this is going to work John..." Aeryn shook her head...
"Does anyone have a better plan?"
"I'm just curious how they tracked her all the way here." said Rygel.
"Shut up!"
"We'll have time for that later!"
"No, he's right! How did they track her down?" Zhaan was serious.
"Don't look at me - I didn't want them here..." she changed her position...

"Maybe... Maybe they tracked down my bio-link with Nerri... But I buried it
on that cemetery planet..."
"That's possible..." said Aeryn. "That thing was transmitting signals from
here to her home planet, so they could track it..."
"No." John shook his head. "This would led them to the cemetery planet -
not here! It has to be something else. If they could track her here, they
will be able to catch up with her again..."
"Maybe they somehow marked Moya, during that whole thing with Durka?"
suggested Chiana.
"DRD's would have found the beacon sooner or later - that's not it." said
"Then how..."
"Wait, this sounds crazy but you had implanted the bio-link thing under
your skin... Could they put another one inside you when they caught you -
you know just in case..."
"I guess they could..." Chiana stood up.
"Maybe they implanted some short ranged device on her in case she would try
to escape. PK's sometimes do that with their prisoners..." This time Aeryn
sat down. Her white shirt turned red, but the wound stopped bleeding.
John started to prepare his ship for the trip, while Zhaan went to her
chamber to bring few things. She soon returned and helped Aeryn with the
wound. Then she started to examine Chiana trying to get an idea where the
implant could be hidden.
Meanwhile John explained his plan to Aeryn and D'argo. Chiana didn't
listen. She was tied, and she stopped caring about anything. She just
wanted everything to end. She wanted to die...
"If she has some other implant, I can't find it."
Aeryn came closer. "You know, I heard stories about the prisoners who
deactivated such implants by getting shot."
Chiana laughed loudly.
"That's logical - an energy shock like this should short-circuit the homing
device whatever it's made from..." said John.
"It's worth a try..." Aeryn reloaded her gun.
"You're not serious?" asked Chiana nervously.
"I'm deadly serious!" she replied and aimed her gun. She pulled the
trigger. Chiana screamed and her body collapse to the floor.
"What the..."
"Aeryn, what did you..."
"Everything is under control! I've done this before - she will be all
Chiana was in her own universe of pain right now. Every part of her body
burned with intense pain. She cursed Aeryn in her thoughts.
She heard Pilot's voice.
"Nebari sent us another ultimatum. They said this is their final offer."
"See, it worked!" said Aeryn with triumph
"What are you talking about?"
"They lost the signal, so they want us too hurry!"
"Or they simply want to get it over with and go home." said Zhaan
"I think she shot her simply to get even with her for that stabbing wound
on her shoulder..." said Rygel. Aeryn didn't respond.
Chiana returned to reality, and sat on the floor shaking.
"You will pay for this!" she whispered.
"You will thank me later..." said Aeryn, coldly. "Don't forget, I'm risking
my life for you!"
"Don't worry, I won't forget."
John helped Chiana to get into his ship. Somehow they both managed to fit
into the small cabin. Aeryn jumped into her prowler, and D'argo opened the
door of Moya's transport pod.
"As soon as we get off board tell the Nebari that there was never any
outlaw on the board and that we are sending out a delegate to speak with
their leader... Tell them that they have permission to search Moya..." said
John, and then closed the cabin.
They took off. The transport pod was first, and the two smaller ships crept
behind it. Chiana saw the gigantic Nebari ships. The memories of the old
life returned to her... Aeryn made a hard turn and one of the ships quickly
targeted her ship. Chiana heard John counting...
Dozen small Nebari transport pods detached themselves from the large ships.

They were swifter and better armed than any PeaceKeeper prowler.
The small ships surrounded D'argo's transport, and made Aeryn turn back.
They missed John's invisible vessel.
They passed near the Nebari ship. Chiana saw her brother's face in one of
the windows. She knew that this was just an illusion. From this distance
she could not see any details...
She smelled John's sweat. He was scared, and nervous. One of the Nebari
transports was heading their way. Moya was surrounded.
They spotted them, one of the big ships turned their way. Chiana felt that
this was the end. She kissed John's neck.
"I'm sorry John..." she whispered...
The ship targeted them. Chiana closed her eyes. John held his breath...
John switched off the invisible shield. They awaited the first shoot.
Nothing happened...
John heard Aeryn's voice from the the communicator.
"...epers are coming! John, Peacekeeper fleet is coming!"
They both looked behind. In an instant one of the Nebari transport pods
turned into a fireball. There was 10 or more PK battleships closing in. It
looked like a beginning of a big battle.
Suddenly, the Nebari lost their interest in Moya and turned towards the PK
John recognized Crais' old ship among the PK vessels.
"Yeeeeeha! Scorpius! I love you!" he yelled.
A firefight started for good. Moya swept behind the Nebari ships, out of
the range of any weapons, and picked them up. One PK ship was destroyed,
another one was badly damaged. The third one exploded when they docked on
Moya. This was truly a great battle!
Peacekeepers already started to retreat.
"Get ready to Starburst, now!" They heard Pilot's voice...
Another explosion brightened the sky, but they never found out what was the
cause of it. Moya  Starbursted...

"I never was so glad to see Scorpie in my life!" said John entering the
Chiana was still a little shaky after the shot delivered by Aeryn.
"You all risked your life for me." She said quietly. "Thank you..."
"That's what are friends for..." said D'argo.

|   The line above has been changed after Kronos' suggestion:  |
|   ..............                                             |
|   "That's what are friends for..." said Aeryn, ironically.   |
|   "You owe us your life!" Added Rygel                        |
|   D'argo smiled.                                             |
|   ..............                                             |

"And we have a truly happy end..." John summed it up.
"Wait, I'm curious, how did Scorpius track us here!"
"I think we need to shoot John and Aeryn just in case they have some
implants in them!" said Chiana cheerfully. "And Rygel too, just in case..."

"I don't know. " said Zhaan. "They followed us somehow. I just hope they
won't do it again..."
"Yeah... I hope..."

the end