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Title: What The Eyes Do Not See
Author: Stowaway
Summary: Where did Stark go, anyways?
Disclaimer: I have no intention of doing anything illegal with this story, it was written strictly for fun.
Zhaan's eyes widened as she saw the approaching planet, she had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. As Moya's engines came to halt and her new born child Taylon rested at her side, Zhaan moved closer to the view window. "By the Goddess." She thought she was alone.
"What is it Zhaan?" D'argo said as he walked up behind her and when he did, he to caught sight of the planet. "What is it?" He said as he to became mesmerized by the beauty of planet.
The bright reds and blues and greens that encompassed the turning globe lit up the darkness of space, the lights reflected onto Moya's bridge dazzling the eyes that were watching it. They danced off Moya to Taylon, where Aeryn Sun was repairing some damage that had been done by a clash with peacekeepers.
"What do you suppose that is Taylon." She spoke softly to the ship that she had connected to. She to moved closer to the view window on Taylon and watched the dancing lights.
It was a dream, no a nightmare. John Crichton wrestled with the thought in those briefs moments before you wake. When he opened his eyes, he realized it was far from anything imaginary, not with the little green hynerian standing above his bed, or what he liked to call a cot. "If you're checking my pulse sparky, it's still there." He sat up swinging his legs to one side of the bed and looking intently on the hynerian.
"I was doing no such thing." He sounded as insulted as he could.
"Yea and I'm joining the peacekeepers, you think they have cut rates for former hostages." He joked as he got up from the bed.
"I know how they are Crichton. " Rygel said lost in a past thought, from a time, when he knew exactly what Crichton had meant by hostage.
"They really know how to show their guests a good time." He offered as joke to break the tension of the thoughts they were both getting lost in.
"John." Zhaan's voice came over the communicator in his quarters.
"What's up?" He said letting go of his thoughts, grateful for the distraction.
"You should come to the bridge, there is something you should see."
"Be right there."
Throwing on some pants and a shirt, he motioned to Rygel. "Come on spanky, it's another day in space."
"Who'd of thought you'd need a pair of sunglasses in space." John said covering his eyes as he looked at the planet.
"What do the scanners say about the planet?" Aeryn said as she walked onto Moya's command.
"It seems to be a strong environment, supporting life." Zhaan replied from the control panel.
"See you're everyday space port." John said walking closer to the view screen. "Who wants to play explorer?"
"Having we done enough exploring?" Aeryn asked John directly. "We're still recovering from the peacekeepers." She had no longer referred to them as her people.
"Who knows what kind of planet life is growing on that planet?" Zhaan said excited by the possibilities.
"That's two, who else is in?" John looked around the command.
"Well if you're going, so am I." Aeryn, said concerned at the trouble that seemed to follow Crichton everywhere he went.
"I am not going to explore some planet." Rygel said with usual huff.
"Wonderful, there's work to be done." Chianna said as she placed an arm around Rygel. "You'll be a help, won't you." Rygel began to protest, but once he saw the determined look on Chianna's face, he relented.
"You in big guy?" John looked at D'argo. "Of course." The luxan replied.
As the others left the command and headed to dock with Taylon, their only form of transport, since the destruction of the transport pod on the moon base. Aeryn stopped John. "Is there something wrong?" "Did I forget my pants?" He looked down with a grin.
"Crichton." Aeryn said in frustration.
"Everything is fine Aeryn." He said, changing the subject he asked, "Is Taylon ok for this?"
"I think so, he seems to have recovered quickly, his youth probably has something to do with it." She smiled.
"Or you might have something to do with it, that kid has taken a shine to you." He winked as headed down Moya's corridor.
Aeryn eventually followed him, but she was aware that something was bothering him, even if he said otherwise. Crichton was difficult to understand, but the more time she had spent with him the easier she had found she could understand him. That was a strange new emotion she was just beginning to understand.
Taylon's landing gear made contact with the planet's surface. D'argo was the first to step out, the light wasn't as bright on the planet as it was from Moya, he found no need to cover his eyes. "I see nothing." He replied as though this was a waste of time and from his point of view it was, he indulged Crichton as a friend, coming along on this expedition as Crichton had called it.
"Nothing D'argo, look at the flora." Zhaan stepped out from Taylon as did the others.
"Flora, flora, " D'argo mumbled.
"What?" Zhaan said lifting an eye his way.
"Nothing." He said turning his head towards some plants. "Look there." He motioned her towards them and with relief, he followed.
"They make a cute couple." John grinned at Aeryn.
"There's no time for that kind of relationship Crichton." She said in peacekeeper fashion, straight and tough.
He looked at her. "Aeryn, we have to take every moment we get, who knows what the hell is going to happen next."
There it was again that feeling of understanding him, she felt herself moving close to him, as if she had no control over her own body and she was beginning to think her heart. "Crichton..." She was about to say something when they were all interrupted.
"Who are you?" A beautiful young woman standing a top ledge asked them...
Aeryn was quick to go for her gun, but John grabbed her hand and whispered into her ear. "Relax, lets not shoot unless we have to."
She eased her hand away from her gun, unsure, but for some strange reason trusting Crichton, these emotions were getting stranger . "I am relaxed." She replied defensively.
"We're not here to hurt anyone." John said moving closer to the woman, by this time Zhaan and D'argo were now approaching carefully, allowing John to handle the situation.
"Then who are you?" The young woman repeated her question, her soft blonde hair catching the breeze that swept by.
"We were just exploring." John said not giving away their status as escaped prisoners from the peacekeepers.
"Father must know of you." She said and then turned running from them.
"Wait." John yelled, but it fell on deaf ears, she was gone.
"Now what?" Aeryn gave John a questioning look.
"We hope daddy doesn't have a shot gun." He answered.
"Clarissa you shouldn't have gone that far from the city." Her father said as she explained about the explorers she found.
"But, they said that they meant no harm." She implored.
"Other's who came here said the same thing." He offered and wasn't about to be swayed by is daughters opinions.
"Father they were different, they did not seem like the ones who came before." She implored once more.
"I will see to these people." Was all he said.
"Ok Crichton enough of this exploring, lets get the hess out of here." D'argo said as he headed towards Taylon.
"D'argo's right John, we can't afford anymore incidents." Zhaan said as she to headed towards Taylon.
"What about you?" John asked a silent Aeryn.
"My only concern is for Taylon, John he can not go through anymore, not until he has had more time to recover." She said, wanting to help Crichton with what ever was bothering him, but the need to place Taylon first and protect him came over her instinctively.
John looked at the child leviathan and nodded, how could he argue, not when Taylon and his mother Moya had saved his life more times then he cared to count. "Lets go."
They were just about to board Taylon, when a voice called out. "Please step away from the ship."
"What the frell." Aeryn said as she and the others turned to see an army of people dressed in flowing white robes.
"Look were just getting out of here." John said calmly, smiling. "Just going to get on a ship and leave." John moved towards Taylon and with a bolt of green light he was thrown backwards to the grown.

"John." Zhaan yelled as she went to his side to see if he was all right.
"What is that around Taylon!!" Aeryn stated in a fury, drawing her gun and being back up by D'argo.
"You're weapons will not work." The gray hared man spoke for them all.
Aeryn fired her weapon towards the ground, and nothing happened, D'argo to made the same attempt and nothing happened.
"What the hell was that?" John said as he was helped up by Zhaan.
"You're ship and you will not be harmed." The man moved closer to them. "Please come with us."
"Do we have a choice." D'argo stated, rather then asked.
"Amazing." Zhaan said as they were escorted through the city, glowing in light and trees.
"If these guys had wings, I say we were dead." John said looking at the flowing robes of their captors.
"If anything happens to Taylon, you will be." Aeryn said more worried then threatening.
"Exploring Crichton, was a wonderful idea." D'argo growled.
"Ok, I made a mistake. I'm human." He said with a shrug of his shoulders.
"That's the problem." D'argo said teeth clenched.
"Oh, like you've never made a mistake big guy." John returned.
"That's enough, by the Goddess, we need to work together." Zhaan interjected.
"Zhaan right, we don't have time for quarreling amongst ourselves." Aeryn said.
"Oh come on Aeryn, we always have time for that." John replied coldly.
"Crichton, what is you're problem." Aeryn halted and turned to face him.
"Maybe I can help." A familiar voice said.
John looked pass Aeryn and spoke. "Stark."
The protectors, as the ones in flowing white robes called themselves, had allowed John and Stark to talk. They had taken a seat on a well decorated medal bench beneath one of the many trees that encompassed the planet.
"Where'd you go? After we gave Gilinna a funereal, you just disappeared." John said lost in the moment of a memory of someone he had cared for.
"I went in search of my people, but I could not find them." He turned his head looking up into the beautiful lights that danced around the planet. "One of the protectors found me and offered me solace here, on this planet."
"Then you are on good terms with them?" John asked intently.
"Yes why?"
"Because you can get us the hess off this rock." He said quick to stand up.
"Wait." He stopped him. "The peacekeeper Aeryn, said that something was troubling you."
"Ex-peacekeeper and there's nothing bothering me." He made a move to pass Stark, but he held him at bay.
"You are suffering the after effects of the auroa chair." Stark stated calmly and directly.
"What in hess is going on." D'argo growled to Zhaan and Aeryn, as they waited not so patiently inside the city.
"D'argo we must remain calm and careful, we do not know what these people are planning." Zhaan said placing a hand on his arm.
"It better not involve Taylon in any way." Aeryn said keeping her eyes on every movement around them.
"You're motherly instincts are impressive." Zhaan said to her with a smile of friendship and sisterhood.
"Motherly?" Aeryn asked a confused expression on her face.
"The way you speak of Taylon, it's as if he were your own." Zhaan explained.
"Don't be ridiculous, he's a ship." She turned not quit ready to admit that Zhaan might be right. "Where is Crichton?" Aeryn said loudly, changing the subject.
"The after effects?" John said dumb founded as he took his seat on the bench again.
"Yes once put in the chair you lost sight of who you are." Stark said also taking his seat again.
"It's what your eyes can not see, your soul, the very essence of who you are." He explained, understanding it, because it had happened to him.
"You seem fine." John said.
"There is a way to find it again, I found my soul through meditation." He said quietly.
"I'm not into yoga." John said sardonically.
"I don't know what yoga is, but I can help you." He offered.
John trusted Stark, after what they had been through together it was easy. "Lets do it."
Stark removed the mask that he had worn over his face, to reveal a glowing bright light, even more beautiful then the ones that adorned the planet. "Look at yourself, remember who you are."
"Shouldn't you be swinging a pocket watch." John grinned nervously.
"Just do it." Stark said strongly.
John did let go and with in moments memory's of his life came flooding back, not like the auroa chair, they were peaceful and calming. His father's smiling face, his mother her long hair blowing in the wind, calling him for dinner. His first kiss, his first time. Even the moment he went through the worm hole was different, it felt destined. He remember meeting D'argo and Zhaan. The friendship that had connected them as a family. Chianna's wicked smile and even Rygel seemed less annoying. Then Aeryn's face flooded his mind, the moment they met and the moments they've shared. He had found his soul, it was in this place and time, for what ever reason, he was here by fate. He opened his eyes. "What is you're fate?" He asked Stark.
"To join you." Was the simple reply.
"Will you stop that you hynerian...." Chianna broke off as she looked out of Moya's view window on her command.
"Look." She turned to Rygel, who had decided it was better to eat then help.
"What the yutz are blubbering about." He said as he made his way towards her.
"A marauder and she's coming towards Moya." Chianna said eyes wide.
"There he is now." D'argo said as he saw Crichton and Stark walking towards them. "Maybe now we can give up this expedition."
Aeryn made her way towards John. "Crichton what is going on?" She asked hoping for any explanation at this point.
"Fate." He said brushing her arm with his hand as he walked past her.
"Hello down there." Zhaan's communicator was filled by Chianna's voice.
"Chianna, what is the matter?" Zhaan asked.
"Oh nothing, unless you count the marauder heading for Moya." She emphasized the last words.
"Chianna can Moya starburst?" Zhaan was quick to ask.
"No, Moya used up all of energy cells with the last two starbursts and with the repairs to Taylon, that she was helping with." Chianna said from on board Moya.
"Well what the frell are they waiting for?" Rygel huffed.
"Their in trouble, we must help them." Zhaan said to the others.
"Then we go." D'argo made a move and one of the protectors stepped forward.
"You can not leave here." The man said standing in front of the luxan.
"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear." D'argo said slowly, "We are leaving."
"Forcibly if we have to." Aeryn put in coming to stand next to D'argo, looking over at him, "Just in case you weren't clear." She returned her glance to the protector.
"Hey, lets not get violent here." John said as he walked towards him. "There's no reason why you can't let us go."
"They are afraid of the peacekeepers." Stark said from behind them.
"They've been here?" Aeryn asked.
"You would know, you are one." Father said as he now approached them.
"Ok, Pilot shut everything down, we have to stay out of their radar." Chianna said looking at the visual of Moya's right hand.
"Moya has already begun, she is fearful that they will discover us though." He replied as his arms ran across the control panel that was his station.
"Oh, it's going to get frelling cold in here again." Rygel complained.
"It's better then being dead, you little yutz." Chianna said returning Rygel's own favorite word.
"There leaving us for dead." Rygel said yelling.
"Rygel shut up." Chianna returned annoyed. "They'll be here."
"She's not a peacekeeper." John answered.
"Not anymore." Aeryn supplied further.
John pulled her in to whisper in her ear. "You had to tell them that."
Aeryn pulled away. "Look, I understand why you afraid, but we're not with them." She said calmly.
"We are on the run from them as well." Zhaan offered.
"I have told you how they saved me." Stark offered as well.
"How do we know you will not bring them back here, trade yourselves for us." Father stated still unconvinced.
"The hess with this." D'argo moved towards them, but John grabbed his arm.
"What if we leave two of us here, while the other two help our friends." John offered.
Father looked between them, and towards the other protectors. He pondered the thought for a few moments before he answered. "All right, but two of you only."
"Lets go." D'argo said to Aeryn.
"Hey, big guy. I need to take this one." He looked at D'argo with purpose. D'argo nodded his head. "I owe you one." He slapped his arm as he walked away, followed by Aeryn.
"You owe me more then one Crichton." D'argo said with a slight laugh.
"Do you have a plan." Aeryn said once they were on board and on Taylon's command. "He can not go through another battle.
"With any luck, we can sneak up on the marauder and he'll never know what hit him." John responded as Aeryn prepared Taylon.
Taylon jerked as his engines geared up. "All of the repairs weren't complete." She said as her hands expertly ran over the control panel.
"The kid will do great." John said and Taylon responded red lights twinkling beneath the command floor, followed by beeping sounds. "See."
Aeryn shook her head as they left the planet's atmosphere.
"Where are they?" John asked Aeryn who was staring carefully at the scanner screen.
"We're right behind them." She replied, finger swiftly moving over the control panel.
"Cut Taylon's engines." John said moving closer to the screen.
"I hope you know what you're doing."
"Trust me." He winked.
"Why not." She silenced Taylon's engines and once she did, he again jerked, harder this time propelling her backwards.
"Damn it." John said and went to her side, she was out cold. He wanted to help her further, but there was no time if the marauder spotted them, they would be no escape, Taylon was not up to the fight.
John quickly returned to the control panel. "It's you and me kid." Taylon protested, beeping. "I'm worried about her too, but once we get them, she's priority." John said looking over at Aeryn. "Lets do it."
With out warning Taylon's engines came back on. "Taylon what are you doing." John said eyes wide and then turned to the view window, the marauder had spotted them.
John could see the marauders weapons aiming getting ready to fire, then he caught sight of Taylon's gun it was raising, aiming at the marauder. Red lights dancing around the command and beeping told john exactly what to do. "Bye, bye." He hit the fire button and the marauder was blown away, fire streaming through space.
"Aeryn." Was the first thought and word out of his mouth, as he flew to her side, kneeling down he brought her head to rest on his lap, Taylon beeping in the back round. "She's going to be ok." He said.
"Come on." He patted her face softly.
She woke with a start. "The marauder." She tried to get up, but John held her.
"Taylon and I took care of it." He said softly.
"You took care of it?" Her eyes widened.
"You sound surprised." He said grinning, using words she once used.
"You always surprise me Crichton." She replied, allowing her head to rest in is lap.
"You are going with them?" Father asked Stark, when Taylon had returned for them.
"I feel it is where I belong." He said simply.
"Once you leave, the coordinates to this planet will not be found, they stumbled upon it and we will not let that happen again." He emphasized.
"I understand."
They walked back on a still cold Moya.
"Well it took you long enough." Rygel said and D'argo simply whacked him as he walked by. "Ahh." Rygel muttered.
"Well were have you been?" Chianna said walking up to Stark.
"Looking for myself." He responded softly.
"And now you're back." She smiled.
"Yes, I'm afraid I missed you're beauty." He smiled and brought her to hand to his mouth to kiss, he could tell that Chianna had never been given the respect she deserved from men, other then Crichton and D'argo.
"Thank you." She said not quiet sure of how to react, but it felt good.
Aeryn found John staring out of the view window and she walked up to him.
"It's gone." He said.
"What is?" She asked.
"The planet." He said nodding towards the view window.
"Where did it go?" Aeryn said puzzled and curious.
"Maybe the same place I did." He offered.
"And where was that?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Inside it's soul."
"You seem different Crichton, what's going on?" She asked looking at him intently.
"For the first time in a while, I feel like I belong." His hand came up to brush her cheek. "Fate Aeryn, it's all about fate."
The End

Copyright2000: Moya's stowaway. JMC.