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The Farscape series belongs to the Jim Henson Company and not me!

This Fanfic contains violent content and farscape version profanity.So Please enjoy!

In Battles You Win Or Lose....Your Life

"Officer Aeryn Sun?"
"Yes Pilot what do you need?" Aeryn sounding annoyed because of Chricton running of again.
"John has reported that he has went to a bar and found who he believes another human"Said Pilot with a little confused and suprised.
"Pilot where's the location?"
"Just a few feet away from your position."
"Are you sure--."
"Yes Aeryn I'm sure."
"But there's a fight going on--Ohhh Dren!"Aeryn said worried about what John got himself into this time.As she ran through the doors.She nearly got hit by the flying bartender being thrown across the room by a young boy.About 15 cycled boy that looks Peacekeeper though he pulled out a weapon she had never seen before, It was like D'argo's Qualta Blade but more thin and a little longer.As Aeryn was focusing on the sword, She felt a hand on her shoulder and being turned around and saw John's bruised face.

"C'mon John we need you to take you back to Moya
so Zhaan can patch you up".Aeryn rarely sounding concerned.
"No Aeryn, I can't I got to talk how he got here and now".said John not acting like his usual self.
Before Aeryn could knock him out herself.A blinding bright light rised out of the ground.Then Aeryn and John and more than a thousand different other species on gigantic platforms with large viewers in front and a large face took up the screen and spoke in a joyful tone.

"Hello! Newcomers and contestants of this show of the ancient Larian race "Warriors of the Universe!" The face became hundreds of smaller yellow faces cheering and screaming.

"Out of all of the ancient races, this had to be the one with the biggest ego." Said Reaver. As they looked in front of them they saw the boy who was about to run his sword through a bounty hunter who was looking for an escaped Leviathan.
"Hey you!" said John.As Reaver turned around he recognized the man but didn't look as happy.
"Are you human?"John asked.
"Well yeah and so are you so what's the big deal?"Reaver said witha sarcastic look on his face."How did you know that I was human?"
"It Doesn't matter how I know you should be more concerned about yourselves because of the larians are going to us."Reaver said sounding bored out of his mind.

Before any of them could answer back then suddenly watched John disappeared and replaced by Dargo who didn't know what was happening.
"Now for all of you who are new. They're some rules, for one you have seen some of the people next to you vanish. Because of the way we like to keep our audience happy only beings with weapons and fighting skill can particpate.

As the yellow three eyed creature witha mouth of a anteater talked.The young one spoke once again acting witha authority.
"Blah!BLAH!BLAH!This is the biggest load of-."Before he could finish his sentence, a beam of light pulled him out of the seemed limitless crowd when he was back on the ground.And then the announcer stared in his direction and spoke.
"Do you have a problem youngman?said the Larian witha crooked smile."
"Yeah I do.I've heard about your kind.You go too planets and find every soldier or anyone who could put up a fight and have them fight to the death for enertainment!"

"What a observant boy?And how did you heard of us? We just came to this galaxy unless?You are a Xerian Warrior aren't you!This is excellent I always wanted to see one in action!"said laughing manically and calmed down after a few minutes.Then when no one noticing him Reaver made a fist and started to glow golden yellow and fired a small ball of the light at the screen but was destroyed by a forcefield.

"Haha!Even better an energy manipulating class!This can't get any better than this!" As Jorne the announcer yelled over the screaming audience once again being viewed.

Mean while, the rest of the crew on Moya was watching in horror as what might have happened to their crewmates.
"I do believed I heard of the Larians." said Chiana.
"Please Chiana tell us." Zhaan said holding her hand.
"This is all I know they have been rumors about an experiement like Crichton explained to us.Well a science ship tried to make a wormhole and for some reason, when they didn't answered back to Nebari Prime.They sent a investigation, but when they went to the area they found the vessel barely functional.The crew claimed they've been gone for 3 cycles in another galaxy.And had to fight for a race against another species."

"So pip what happened to the crew?" John asked wanting this to end soon as possible.
"Well they were considered insane and were publicly excuted the next day.She said witha alittle concern.Then there was dead silence and broke by Jorne.
"May the First battle begin! Xerian Warrior vs. a luxan Warrior!"
"Oh no! Dargo! everyone said at once."

Back at the arena Two people came out of each end of a small oval arena which was not likely to be the main.
"This fight has no honor a mere child against a warrior like me. How pathetic." He said in disgust while the boy said nothing and started to pull out his sword.As Reaver was pulling his sword out, the luxan who seemed to be twice as big as he was let out a warcry.The Audience was cheering for the brave warrior but was replaced by dead silence.Out of no where the boy had instantly killed him in a blink of an eye.This time Reaver broke the silence.
"Underestimating is such a weak emotion."as he said that he kicked the luxan's severed head out of his and made his way to the exit.
"Now lets get on with the next fight!said Jorne trying to lift the other larians' spirits.

Everyone on Moya was dumbstrucked of what happened. Chiana caught a glimpse of Rygel's face and saw his mouth wide opened, but this time there was nothing coming or out of his mouth.As they tried to bring themselves into focus again to figures appeared from the ceiling and landing on the floor.Then started to get up staring at the shock on the others' faces.
"Did you two see that battle?"said John.
"Unfortanetly yes, but unlike that young warrior I will be ready." Dargo looking confident but deep inside he felt worried what was going to happen on his turn to fight.